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10-20-2003, 07:49 AM
Miracle Entertainment
Proudly Invites you to Attend the

November 14th & 15th, 2003 - Chicago IL
"Exploring the Business Behind Film & Television"
The Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph &
The State of Illinois Building 160 N. Lasalle

Visions Blu...Building Opportunities in Film & Television
Check us out at www.visionsblu.com (http://www.visionsblu.com)

Previous panelists lft to rt.: George Tillman Jr. (Director), Robert Teitel (Producer) & Larenz Tate (Actor)

Symposium Background
The 2nd Annual Visions Blu Film Symposium returns to Chicago for an exciting weekend in November. Join Visions Blu for one of the most exuberating television and film events of the year. Top directors, producers, actors, television and film executives will converge to educate, share vital information and network with new and aspiring professionals in a rare and intimate environment where everyone is a VIP.
It’s described as a small-scale film festival with an intimate touch and education focus. This two-day event was created with the intention to empower, encourage, showcase and motivate urban talent. Our goal is to assist others in penetrating and diversifying the behind the scenes aspects of the industry via independent film screenings, panels/workshops, awards presentations and the highly anticipated VIP networking reception.
Prepare for another ground-breaking television and film industry event from the people who brought you George Tillman Jr. (Director of Soul Food and Men of Honor, Producer of Barbershop and the upcoming Barbershop 2), Robert Teitel, (Producer of Soul Food, Men of Honor & Barbershop and the upcoming Barbershop 2) and actors Larenz & Lahmard Tate! Plus enjoy film screenings, informative panel workshops, a culminating networking reception with television and film professionals and an outstanding awards presentation. Finally, this year's Visions Blu Film Symposium will present a new award to the best short and feature length film.

This Year Vision Blu bring to you Executives from:
Time Warner, Urban Entertainment, Simmonslathan, Sharon King Casting, SAG, Talent Agent, Entertainment Lawyers, Animators, Voiceover Professionals, Renowned Writers, Award Winning Directors, Highly Acclaimed Producers, & Technical Knowledge from industry professionals

Panels / Workshops include:
Panel / Workshops will include instruction, interactive actvities and a Q&A session.
Directing / Screenwriting - 9:00am
DIRECTING; Explore the following: understanding the vision and interpreting it, the role of a good Director, and suggestions on how to resolve frustrating challenges without conflict etc.
SCREENWRITING; find out how to format a script and treatment, the importance of an agent or attorney, and the role of the Writer's Guild, how to generate an idea etc.
Producing / Distribution - 10:45am
PRODUCING; What are the responsibilities of a Producer? How do you get started? Where do you look for distribution? What's considered a good deal?
DISTRIBUTION; Theatrical release or straight to DVD....which is better? How does the distribution process work? How to secure your investment. Where to begin and the appropriate approach.
Acting / Casting - 12:30pm
ACTING; Learn how the Screen Actors Guild may be of assistance to you, how to prepare for audition, what casting directors look for in a candidate and the benefits of the Midwest. Plus... how important is training?
CASTING; Additionally, how does one become a casting director? What are the responsibilities of a casting director? How does the casting director fit into the production process?
Sound / Lighting / Cinematography- 2:15pm
Learn more about the following; boom sound, proper lighting, mono verses stereo, lighting effects, and how important both light and sound are in production.
Animation / Voiceovers - 4:00pm
Learn more about the growth of the animation
Each panel / workshop will be approximately 90 minutes each

www.visionsblu.com/events.htm (http://www.visionsblu.com/events.htm)

Visions Blu...Building Opportunities in Film & Television