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03-04-2008, 03:19 PM
3-4-08 - Faderwave-Deep.Soulful.Underground

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Soularis ft Denise Johnson -- Fire (Original Mix)
Stengun feat. Christina T -- Big Fun (Minimen Remix)
Todd Gardner feat. Kimara Lovelace -- Luv Me Rite (Leo Cuenca Remix)
Su'Su Bobien --- Joy (Whipped Creem Vocal Mix)
Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham - Flight (Nulife Vocal Mix)
Smo Kee -- Only Love feat. Meme - Paul Emmanuel Remix
Sile --People Let Me Down (Richard Earnshaw's Undercover Joe Main Mix)
Sean---Aya (Mig's Salted Vocal)
Steal Vybe feat. Stephanie Renee---It's Real (Joey Negro Club Mix)
Sterling Ensemble feat. Delouie Avant -- Follow Me (Original Mix)
Trackheadz -- My Love
Una Mass---All I Need (Deep Swing Jazzy Thumper Mix)
UPZ feat Shafatyah -- Touched By Heaven (Phunky Mix)
Soul Theory - Drama (Club Mix)
Soulmagic - Yah Yah (Original Mix)


Laurent presents Center of the Earth Music - The Deep.The Soulful.The Underground.

I do a live one hour deep, soulful, and underground mix show from 11am-noon every Tuesday EST (Washington DC time) at http://www.faderwave.net/ There's audio, video, and chat. If you stop by, please don't forget to say hello :)