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12-10-2003, 05:33 AM
Where to start?

Well, I'll make this shorter than what I really wanted to post cause I really don't feel like getting into writing a book. Besides, I have another hour left of studying before I turn in for the night and this is taking up my time.

DHP is a beautiful community with many wonderful people, but this board obviously plays the favoritism card. Had it been a board favorite that posted the thread I did then I KNOW it would NOT have gotten the amount of heat that mine did. There is a lot of hypocrisy on this board that gets looked over and it's one of the few things that really disappoints me about this place. It's not my board and I don't call the shots but I do think that if people want to preach about fairness and justice then DO it and DON'T just flap your gums saying it.

Why was it ok for GU and Dennis F to post threads one after the other a few weeks back, but when Michael Terzian did it, it was not cool. That's just one example of the hypocrisy that goes on around here that I don't like. It's ok to pick on certain members because they don't have a certain status within this scene? Is it ok if you're a certain race? What about skin color? What about ethnic background? What about member status on the board? Fair is fair and everyone should be treated equally. But this board is far privately owned so what the heck do I know, right?

I can't even begin to recall how many times I've been sent an email from new and lurking members about how intimidated they are to post. This favoritism/little circle of friends garbage is getting old and that is what is REALLY ruining this scene. If you're not part of so and so's crowd then you don't know shit. If you weren't there when House started then you don't know shit. If you don't produce then you don't know shit. If you don't have tight beats and you can't mix "correctly" then you don't know shit. Says who??? Where is there a rule book that says I or anyone else is shit because I didn't produce a record like your bitch ass or because I don't mix like you do or because I don't play the same records you do? Some of you twats need to get off that high horse of yours and come back to what it was like when you first started out in this scene. Maybe, just maybe you'll KEEP IT REAL cause right now the only thing a few of you are doing is ALMOST keeping it real.

Gman: I think you do an overall good job of moderating this board, but that last ban I got was IMO BS. You could have at least replied back to the email I sent you asking for an explanation as to why I was banned. That would have been the courteous thing to do. Nevertheless, what's done is done and you're the chief.

torin: Despite what some other members may tell you about what "I" think about you, don't believe the hype. Believe it or not, I think you're a cool cat. So you make a few premature closures of threads...big deal. You're new to the mod job and having a little mod power can be fun at times. I should know. I'm a mod on a few boards too. :D

I have no problems with you and you've been a gentleman with your PM's.

gf: I like you a lot. I really do but you don't really understand me or my sense of humor. You don't know me and I can't expect you or anyone else to know the real me through a message board so it is definitely expected that I come across as a certain way to people rather than the way I REALLY am. You've saddened me with some comments you've made about me and the route you've chosen to take--the fem-nazi road.

JMJ: You're one of my favorite board members to associate with, but that "FREE LESLIE" thread you started was pure BS IMO. Real weak and I didn't expect it from you. You come off as a pretty intelligent guy that understands the difference between silliness and seriousness pretty well, which is why I can respond in the manner that I do with you as well as a few others on this board. Nevertheless, you're still ok in my book. Just don't do it again. I have spoken. ;)

6 23: You're always a princess. YOU are a lady and I always enjoy talking with you. graemlins/remybussi.gif

Shalewa: I think djklas put it best when he responded to you about what was REALLY meant by the F, Marry, Kill thread. Unfortunately, your mind was closed off to the response and you couldn't look past anything else except your point of view on the subject matter. He gave the best answer to your response IMO.

RainlessYou're a special little princess and I want to say thank you for being such a sweetheart. If only more people knew more about you and your heart rather than what they assume about who you are through a message board. You ARE definitely going to heaven.

Jennifer & MJC: Be good you two! And keep Rainless out of trouble.

Tony Cano: You are one cool brutha! Man, I got mad respect for you hermano. Peace.

Magic_Juan: I know we had our pedo before, and I'm glad that we're both intelligent enough to let that mierda slide. Mucho respect para ti, cabron.

MYOR Lub yoo, mama! Thanks for caring about me when I was in carcel. Te quiero mucho!

Fletch and all the Lake Show haters: Keep it coming. I enjoy the sports talk/bashing. It's the only man thing left that we can enjoy without having the Lorena Bobbits chop off our schlongs. biggrinangel.gif

Jamie Lennox: You are the biggest piece of shit here. Although I don't agree with, nor like daniel very much, I at least can respect him more than your bitch ass. All you do is instigate and run like a little bitch and you NEVER know when to STFU. Go gob on a knob.

Two members that I think people need to pay more attention to and stop complaining and bitching about what they post is:

St. Magus & Danny Gardner

READ the message behind their posts!! Although I may not agree with everything that you both say, you definitely master the art of public speaking through sarcasm, whilst sending a message. Your messages intrigue me and they stimulate my process of thought.

GrantB: You need to speak up more. Your insight on various subjects is fascinating and I always enjoy reading up on your posts.

Finally, since I was banned with no explanation and without breaking the board rules (or so I thought), I do find that I should be able to use my "get out of jail" card" this time around. Or in this case my "Muther Fucker" card. There have been many disagreements between board members on various subjects (including the F, Marry, Kill topic), but at least most members could continue the dialogue without resorting to personal attacks or name calling. Leslie went that route and she got her freebie so I think I'll use my sucker punch since she got hers.


Thank you. You may ban me now. graemlins/cool_shades.gif

Peace, love, and blessings to all of you (you too, Leslie) during these holidays. See you after finals week!

Your loving DHP friend,


P.S. Just because you are the opposite sex does NOT mean you are to be put on a pedestal. Get off your high horse you fem-nazi bitches. Act like a lady and stop making men feel like it is wrong to be a man without having to worry about being persecuted as some chauvinistic, womanizing, barbaric SOB. Ladies will always get the pedestal/red carpet treatment from me, but that's because they are ladies. Do you understand the difference between a lady and a bitch? No? Then you're probably a fem-nazi and if you consider yourself a fem-nazi then go gargle with razor blades and choke on a fat one.

Over and out! It's finals week!

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12-10-2003, 06:44 AM
Yo, Al,

Yes, I'll keep the Laker-hatin' posts, but I gotta say this:

I normally don't do this, because 1) I don't like talking about anyone personally (good or bad) on this board, and 2) she normally defends herself. But I've known Les for 13 1/2 years (worked with her for 7). And yes, she gets mad at MF's (mad at me plenty of times!). But your thoughts about her are the complete opposite of what she is. She's cool people. And I know her well enough to know that she just doesn't like assholishness, and the lack of sensitivity of the thread bordered on that.

Yes, I understood the meaning of the thread, but someone just had a personal tragedy, and my question is whether there was an understanding of that! There are plenty of thoughts that I decided not to post. And I find myself, in the end, saying that it was a good idea not to do so. In short, some posts are better left unposted. Yes, I know people must speak their minds, but timing and understanding (of both sides and one's thoughts) go a long way in doing so. I hope there is thought when posting in the future.

DJ Timmy Richardson
12-10-2003, 06:58 AM
You should be able to get some good studying done over the next 2 days.