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Need I say more?



lola desire
07-25-2003, 08:19 AM
no you needn't say more, but the more you say the more you could be under attack. sad state of free speech in this country today:

source: https://secure.progressive.org/july03/coverx0703.jpg (https://secure.progressive.org/default.htm) July 2003 Issue

Enforced Conformity

by Matthew Rothschild

Chris Hedges, a reporter for The New York Times who shared one of the paper's 2002 Pulitzer Prizes, was the commencement speaker at Rockford College's graduation ceremony on May 17. Hedges, the author of War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, which was a finalist for the 2002 National Book Critics Circle Award, dispensed with the usual pap on pomp day and got right down to serious business.

"I want to talk to you today about war and empire," he began. (We reprint his speech in its entirety, along with the hostile crowd reaction, on page 24).

"Not long after I began speaking, a significant segment of the crowd began to shout me down," Hedges tells The Progressive. "They were yelling, 'God bless America,' 'Send him to France,' 'Get him out of here,' stuff like that."

Twice during Hedges's eighteen-minute speech, his microphone was unplugged.

Some people even charged the speaker's stand. "People were climbing on the platform," Hedges says. "It was threatening, and a little bit disturbing."

He had to abbreviate his remarks, and when he finished, he was lustily booed.

full article (https://secure.progressive.org/july03/roth0703.html)

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