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Resonant Vibes
09-25-2009, 11:30 AM

About re:produce
Resonant Vibes (http://www.resonantvibes.com) has launched an innovative and exciting audio sample concept designed with avid producers and audiophiles in mind. The re:produce series will see continuous releases of smaller sample packs, each engineered by highly respected producers that we have chosen personally, and offered at a very sensible price. Each sample pack in the re:produce series will contain roughly 100 MB of sounds in 24-bit WAV file format complete with ready-to-use practical bonuses such as NI Battery Kits and Massive Synth Patches, pre-mapped Ableton files, MIDI data files, etc. We pay serious attention to detail, emphasizing quality over quantity with inspirational variety from one pack to the next. We’ve already lined up the next few packs in the re:produce series, and we think you’ll be quite pleased with the artists we chose to create them…

Our goal is to bring you high quality sounds produced by the current names in electronic music for just $10 - and we are proud to say this is the FIRST sample series of its kind anywhere! So make sure to check back biweekly to see who our next artist is that we feature - and with inspirational guests including Stewart Walker, Kazell, Touane and more, you'll be happy you did.

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Now Available At
http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/391124-re-produce-004-kazell (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/391124-re-produce-004-kazell)

re:produce 004 Kazell (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/391124-re-produce-004-kazell)


Listen To Preview Clip (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/391124-re-produce-004-kazell)

- 125 MBs of 24-Bit WAV Audio Files with NI Battery Kit of over 20 One-Hits
- 5 Custom NI Massive Instrument Patches
- Pre-mapped files for Ableton
- Only $10.00

Kevin Bazell, Kazell (http://www.myspace.com/kazellonline), is a British DJ and producer who is now based in Los Angeles. He has released music on well-regarded labels like Alternative Route, Audio Therapy, Bedrock, Perfecto and Lost Language and has also been featured on numerous DJ compilations from artists including Sander Kleinenberg and Nick Warren.

Aside from a busy DJ schedule — which has included touring with Sasha and Digweed across North America — Kazell also holds down a label residency for his Influx Audio imprint at the LA superclub “Avalon”. As a producer, Kazell consults for audio software giants Native Instruments and has recently branched out into sound design by working along side the legendary film composer Harry Gregson Williams to add his own unique twist to the sound of the Disney blockbuster “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”

Kazell has clasically engineered his re:produce 004 (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/391124-re-produce-004-kazell) pack offering a unique look into his world of production. Included are over 60 essential audio samples with Techno, House and EDM producers in mind. An additional five custom-designed and exclusive Native Instruments 'Massive' presets allowing for flexible control have been bundled with the pack. All the samples were recorded using Logic with sourced from both the analogue and digital realms. His custom synth samples were programmed on Native Instruments 'Massive.'

Forthcoming from re:produce

005: Absence Of Essence (AOE)
Lobotomy, AlterImage | ATL

006: Stewart Walker
Persona, Auralism | DE

007: Touane
Persona, Ransom Note, Liebe Detail | IT

Also available in the re:produce series

re:produce 001 Komposit (Habersham) (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/366004-re-produce-001-komposit)


Listen To Preview Clip (http://resonantvibes.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/KompositReproduce_DemoTrack2.mp3)

Kicking the re:produce series off is an array of fresh techno and house sounds engineered by Komposit (http://www.myspace.com/kompositmusic). His re:produce 001 pack includes beat loops, staple synth sounds, and a basic Komposit One-Hit pack with NI Battery Kit. This is a selection of Komposit’s most valued sounds for his Live PA performances worldwide. The beat loops and drum samples range in tempo from 122 to 128 bpm and are perfect for modern house, techno, and electro production. The synth and noise sounds have warm undertones of dub techno and house along with tonal bass fit for any genre of driving dance floor tunes and creative minds. For more information on Komposit please visit myspace.com/kompositmusic (http://www.myspace.com/kompositmusic).

re:produce 002 Stryke (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/373321-re-produce-002-stryke)


Listen To Preview Clip (http://resonantvibes.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/002Stryke_PreviewClipMP3.mp3)

Taken straight out of Stryke's Techno & House handbook, re:produce 002 is packed with over 100 megs of 24bit characteristic beats, rhythms and basslines all pre-mapped for Ableton, plus a handful of his custom designed synth sounds, you can drop that certain energy anywhere in your musical creations! For more information on Stryke please visit http://www.stryke.net.

re:produce 003 TOWMF (Rift + Komposit) (http://resonantvibes.com/shop/sample/384152-re-produce-003-towmf)


Listen To Preview Clip (http://resonantvibes.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/reproduce003_TOWMFPreviewClip.mp3)

A leading source in the conceptual design of TOWMF’s characteristic sound is their incorporation of natural acoustic elements. Re:produce 003 includes percussion sounds, shakers and sound effects created using literally everything but the kitchen sink. Featured are field and foley recordings of pouring rice, crushing cans, crinkling bags, shaking or grinding coffee beans, giving rise to epic crescendos as well as versatile rhythmic samples. Also included are basslines and chords created using analog monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers. The aim is to give the producer the tools to create contemporary compositions, whether it be for deep, tech house or minimal percussive electronica. For more information on TOWMF visit myspace.com/towmf (http://www.myspace.com/towmf).


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