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04-29-2003, 01:56 PM

Yes!!!!!!!! The 2-3 zone is gonna be the s**t, now!!!!!! Do I smell a dynasty in Central New York????? Just when you thought it was safe with no Carmello.....

Now, y'all may need some real NBA shootin' (23 feet proposed, too) to stop us. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!
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And while the NCAA is at it, how 'bout puttin' in the charging zone, which would single-handedly eliminate Duke Basketball.

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04-29-2003, 02:01 PM
Originally posted by einnod23:

And while the NCAA is at it, how 'bout puttin' in the charging zone, which would single handedly eliminate Duke Basketball. too funny

04-29-2003, 02:11 PM
It's about time. With the good players only spending a year or two in the pro bono equivilent of the CBA-NBDL, they'd better learn to hit real treys before they make the move to the show.....JMJ

04-29-2003, 02:41 PM
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</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by einnod23:

And while the NCAA is at it, how 'bout puttin' in the charging zone, which would single handedly eliminate Duke Basketball. too funny </font>[/QUOTE]All this will be funny, alright. Especially when we pack it in against George & Weezie Town, and they put up 25 foot bricks. Now, if only we could get the Sweet One an agent.

04-29-2003, 02:46 PM
It's about time, they did that !

Mike Barnes
04-29-2003, 04:04 PM
Say einnod23, In reference to your posting about the 3 point line moving back a taste in College, I have this to say, To me the 3 point line is the worst thing thatever happened to basketball(Pro,College,High School,Street), Because cats do not learn the fundamentals properly to begin with(Shooting,Setting Picks,moving without the ball,Low post moves,Squaring up to the basketball before shooting a jumper,etc), And the 3 point line only makes it worst for alot of cats who have very little or no knowledge of the game(Basketball IQ)and fundamentals,Cats have a very,very,hard time shooting Foul shots(LOL), How is a cat gonna feel confident shooting from a further distance in the college game next year(LOL), For a young cat in High School and College the 3 point line is alot of pressure because your trying to prove that you can shoot it(3 Point shot), Rather than being comfortable shooting it if you have the touch and the range and that takes long hours of practice(The 3 point shot is very difficult for the Pro's on a regular basis), Also, On the low, Cats do not take pride in practicing and getting better in every phase of the game(I'm talking about young cats and cats in the Pro's), Back in the day, Even if a cat was weak talent wise, He would rock(Being very productive in the games)just because he knew the science(fundamentals)of the game, The 3 point line came off in the ABA in the 70's only because cats went to school for 4 years and learned not only how to square up and shoot a true jumper, But acquiring the proper fundamentals to put yourself in a position(Knowing what to do)to use your knowledge of the game and giving your team a very good chance to win, Nowdays, cats do not get the proper coaching starting out in Biddies/Midgets leagues(The very young cats)Then AAU,High School,College(Only certain Coaches in College truely know the game hard)So by the time a cat decides he wants to come to the League(NBA)(Right out of High School or a few years in college)Hopefully the knowledge of the game and being fundamentally ready is in place because Alot of Pro Coaches don't have the time to teach alot of young cats the fundamentals(I've seen college/Pro cats who can't even run a 3 man weave the right way), On the low, A Pro coach feels cats should have learned some fundamentals from college(If a cat played in college),So the instruction as far as learning in the Pro's is very,very,limited(Except for some well-schooled assistant coaches or a veteran player who may take the time to develop a cats game), The few Head Coaches who love to teach the young cats how to play are Coaches like Larry Brown,Don Nelson,Lenny Wilkins,Isiah Thomas,Just to name a few), Also, On the low, I've always felt that the NCAA should put the No dunk rule back in, So you can force alot of the young cats to place more commitment to learning the fundamentals, And i feel if you elimate both the 3 point shot and the no dunk rule in High School and College, You definitely would see a way better structured game in High School,College, But the fans nowdays are so turned on(Souped up)by cats shooting 3 pointers(Regardless if they make them are not)and cats throwing it(Dunking)on someone, And David Stern and the NCAA is all about money anyway(TV Contracts), And both the 3 point shot and Dunking are a very big part of entertainment, But look at what has happened to the game of Basketball as a whole(Cats coming out of High School very early to Go Pro with no discipline or life skills at a very alarming rate)and the price alot of cats have payed in making what maybe looked to them like a very good decision(To go Pro), But turned into a Tradegy, Remember cats like Chris Washburn(Former NC State cat),Luther Wright(Former Seton Hall cat),Ronnie Fields(Former Faragut High School in Chicago cat),Dontonio Wingfield(Former University of Cinncinati cat),Cliff Rozier(North Carolina/Lousville,)Just to name a few, Imagine if Michael Jordan never chose to play for Dean Smith(Fundamentals/Discipline 101)at North Carolina in the early 80's, And he(Michael Jordan)chose to play at UNLV(With Jerry Tarkianian/Under the table/Illegal 101), Michael Jordan would have been another Dominique Wilkins to me(LOL), But with more talent.
Mike Barnes