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wilson frisk
11-22-2009, 08:55 AM
i've not done any new mixes for a while cos my laptop is broke and cant afford to get it fixed (hard times as im sure you know):cussing:
i found an old set of mine and thought i'd upload it, a mix of funky/deep/disco/soulful house


1.i cant get no sleep - masters at work feat.india (copyright remix)
2.feelin' alright - players inc
3.spanish guitar - toni braxton (mousse t mix)
4.jump to it - aretha franklin (candy apple remix)
5.be alrite' - tina turner (white label)
6.inside out - disco diamonds
7.loving arms - boogie nites
8.the revolution will not be televised - gill scott-heron (soul rebels mix)
9.the mobtown sound - ian 45 carey
10.everything in the world - kaleidoscope (agent sumo remix)
11.just for you - free spirits
12.the player - first choice (olav basoski dub)

hope you enjoy, please leave feedback:thumbsup: keep the faith!!!!!