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11-30-2009, 07:18 AM
RIPPED with NAPT and H2

On a cold winters night, we bring you the LIGHT...

The LIGHTBOX might not be the biggest superclub in London but IT IS by far the coolest, and with 15,000! L.E.D.s scaling the walls and ceiling, its a total headf**k...

Its 850 capacity, across 2 rooms, means that it's intimate enough to see the same faces throughout the night, as you build up a rapport, and its excellent outdoor smoking area means this really is a place to come and make new friends...

600 people already have, but the doors are open...If you're bored of elsewhere and are looking for some fresh excitement..COME DOWN..you'll be more than welcome'd, you'll be overwhelmed...

Cos not only that, we got some f***ing great music for you...

N A P T...will SMASH this...F A C T

Award winning super producers NAPT have had a great couple of years, being nominated for and winning best producer, best track and best remix on BEATPORT and at BREAKSPOLL.
These LONDON boys have literally taken their music to another level.
Award winning production aside, NAPT's high energy, unique and simply incredible show has wowwed clubbers worldwide.
Ignore the hype and listen people, listen to the future, hear the sound of NAPT...

While H2 are on FIRE!..someone should call 999!!..They've just been signed by POPOF

This DJ/Production duo from Manchester are seriously going places. On top of their residency at northern clubbing institution SANKEYS, they've also been smashing Ibiza's ZOO PROJECT and have played everywhere from Glasgow to Paris.
Their tracks 'Clocks' and 'Wobble' have catapulted them and now they've teamed up with POPOF..expect HUGE things..
We cant wait to hear what they've got, as they promise to roadtest their latest material exclusively for us on the night!
Expect hi-bassline heavy techno that you're forced to point a finger at, and remember LONDON, you heard them here 1ST...

Supporting these massive headline acts, we have RIPPED residents DAN PROXY and JNR J as ever, on hand, working the crowd...

Trust us, you're going to feel RIPPED after this one!

For an idea of what to expect, just check out the "SOUND OF RIPPED 2009" mix by DAN PROXY, which features tracks from both NAPT & H2.
You can download it here http://www.sendspace.com/file/mv59qz
...and you can see video from the last event with BASS KLEPH here

While over in FIRE with its awesome laser and video screens...NARKY and REVEAL will be breakin' things up, before we treat you to a very special showcase from UK House Mafia's ALEX HERO.
He'll be taking us back to the OLD SKOOL with a classic JUNGLE set, before RIPPED's resident junglist...
TOM SCRATCH returns to the decks to give us the DRUM and the BASS!
The heat is on...

So, come down to THE LIGHTBOX, on the 5th of December, for a night to remember.

For this is the real deal.

We sh!t you not.

Accept no imitations.

Accept this invitation.

Come and be part of the movement...