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06-28-2010, 08:38 AM
Some basic guidelines to keep the flow of conversation going and respect our guest's limited free time.
-Ethan & Steve (ebot/blackwax)


Please do not ask the featured artist to comment or listen to your own work. The artists are kindly giving up their own time to check in to the forum. The focus should be on them.

Please try and keep questions to productions and DJing based questions, not personal questions about the featured artist. This is a producerís forum.

Please donít repeat a question already asked. Check the questions already posted before posting.

Please be patient. The artist may have a busy schedule and be on the road. They will try and answer all questions but depending on volume this may not always be possible.

Please ask a question. This is a Q & A format sub forum and is different from the regular forum 'conversation' format.

Donít answer questions meant for the featured artist please!

There wonít be opportunities for follow up questions just a Q and A. Post new questions as a new thread, Try to keep it too ONE question per post/thread, keep it simple please.

Moderators reserve the right to delete edit or move threads at their own discretion based on the Q&A rules above.

Please tell your friends! Spread the word.