View Full Version : How can a newbie get started?

06-30-2010, 12:33 AM
Knowing what you know now, in today's landscape, if you were just getting started in production, how would you get started?

What equipment/software, etc. would you buy?

What resources/books/magazines/website, etc. would you utilize to start learning?

dennis f
06-30-2010, 10:39 AM
that's a very tough question to answer....so i'll try as best as I can.

See the thing is since the business of selling records has changed and this has made it quite difficult for producers of niche genres to eek out a living. Before... a few thousand vinyl sales on a good record you made for that month would pay your bills for roughly 2 months. With DL sales that comfort or uncomfortable zone, lol, is non-existent. So unless you have a day job and make music part time...doing this full time is a no go unless you live in your mom's house and are willing to eat PB&J sandwiches for half a lifetime! Not too attractive I tell ya.
Anyways..since you know this part of the deal go out and get a DAW that allows you to do the most amount of work as a complete package. Hands down winner for this is Ableton Live. I call it the "career starter". Now make "tracks" until you're blue in the face. I say "tracks" because everything you make is NOT a record. You should be uber selective. Your track should sonically sound equal to or better yet superior to your genre's biggest popular record at the time. It should also match it or better it for composition and quality of song, structure and energy. Why? ...well the question should be..why not? I don't believe in artsy bullshit..I'm not here to hold your hand!!! I'm here to make sure my record busts your record's ass!!! I'm not trying to be your friend. Now people say.."d..this ain't a competition..." Oh really ..it aint? hmmm ok. I guess you don't have much of a desire to be the best at what you do..and mediocrity fits you like a glove...f*** that! So unless your worst record can hold a candle up to someone's good record..my advice is to keep it on the hard drive until you find one that does. I can tell you I have hundreds of songs on my drive that will never see the light of day. We need to be very selective as this is the reason there's so much bullshit up for sale. Yup I said it....bullshit. I go through 400 pages of garbage to buy 3 records...i'd call that bullshit. Anyways...
So now you've done a few good records...does this make you a baller? Hell no......Records are just your business cards nowadays. Your next step should be either develop a live show (if you believe you're more of an "artist") or if you don't know how..you better learn how to dj because performing engagements is where the money is at for any "artist". Since you basically become the band in this modern environment it's up to you to take the show on the road. It's the same principle that's been going on for 80 years. Make a record and go out on the road to tour. Look for a good management team that doesnt have 30 artists so they can focus on you and cross your fingers.
This industry is like a lottery. I've always said it. You can be an incredible producer and make zero dollars. You can be an incredible dj and not be booked to play a bar mitzvah. Your skill level is just half the equation yet an important part of it. The other half is just luck......seriously.

to go in depth to this would take 3 pages..so this is the short version lol

hope this helps