View Full Version : Finding the more appropriate label for your music.

the crackhouse
07-01-2010, 06:29 AM
Hi again Dennis,
I was wondering, in this digital age, over what is the best way to find a label which will promote your music:
- How to choose the label (or maybe labelS),
- How to present them your demo/works,
- How to prevent yourself from bad labels and scammers,
- What about the contracts?

In advance, thank you.


dennis f
07-01-2010, 06:40 PM
Hi again Dennis,
- How to choose the label (or maybe labelS)

This is a very tricky proposition. Choosing a label is never easy. We all know one thing...labels are in the business of exploitation. The bottom line is some sort of a profit and every thing else is secondary. They promote in order to increase profits... hopefully exponentially. No harm..No foul. We'd all do the same thing if we owned a business right? Stop thinking they are the enemy and look at it for what it is. So knowing this you have to think if your "taking one for the team" so to speak then at least make it worthwhile. You can fight if you want for nickels and dimes from royalties or an advance but if you do then your just being a bit of an ass to tell you the truth. As long as it's a fair deal and not a full-fledged raping then deal with it. LOL! The real money lies at the finish line. This end game being how much are they going to promote the fact that this record is by you and is the next hot thing. The more the word gets out on you ...the more you are on the tip of people's tongues. This translates into more gigs which translates into a hell of a lot more money than the label will ever pay you on that record. You WANT to build a relationship with a label that can exploit you....plain and simple. YOU take the responsibility in making sure your p's and q's are on point in your contracts. (Publishing is sometimes a deal breaker and it's up to you to decide what your comfortable with keeping or giving. BTW hire a damn lawyer otherwise being cheap means being broke and mad... trust!) I know letting someone use you sounds crazy but if you think about it carefully it's not. It's called hand-washing. You go in knowing what's going to happen and then let it....you reap the rewards later if the label you picked was the right choice.
The right choice? easy.... find a label that does your type of music in your genre and make sure they're the best at promoting it....top dawgs....cut a deal and run with it. Simple. If it's a deep underground label and they have a big presence then hit that. If it's a bit more of a bigger profile label and you feel you need that then there ya go.
You are ultimately the judge of where you think you are visibly in the business and you make your moves accordingly. If you are comfortable creating "art" for smaller labels then that's cool too. Just know that the capabilities of those labels are what they are. Every label doesn't automatically start large.

- How to present them your demo/works

I'd personally hand them the work. For some reason...demo's always get lost via email. But if you can't...I guess email submission is the way. To tell you the truth...give the track to a few prominent working dj's..if it's jumping off at their gigs...and they know you did it...labels will come knocking. A lot of deals are done that way now...

- How to prevent yourself from bad labels and scammers

Look at who is on their roster. Then get yourself a really good entertainment lawyer WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH YOUR GENRE!! Don't get a rock entertainment lawyer to deal with a small independent label who does house! LOL. They have no clue of the small deals, inner workings and handgreasing that occurs in our deals.

- What about the contracts?

Lawyer up...don't be cheap...and you don't lose sleep later.