View Full Version : Low End Drum Hint

dennis f
07-03-2010, 12:47 PM
For those who don't know....and for those who do..shaddup!! the young ones don't know this one! LMAO. Plus sharing is caring.

an old school simple hip hop trick.

take a sine wave from any plug-in or hardware synth. Play the lower octave in tune with the song. Now layer with the kick. Put it low in the mix and adjust the decay and release to taste. You might want to adjust the attack to be a touch slower than your original kick. You don't want the attack from the sine wave to interfere to much with your original. Viola! big ass kick!.

The original way we did it was with an old Akai s950 sampler. When there were no programs loaded into it...all it would play was a sine wave. So you'd play that on your keyboard and layer it with the kick. Most people would take the result and sample the sine wave back into the Mpc-60/mpc3000 and do the layering from there.

An oldie but a goodie.