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Sal Paradise
07-07-2010, 12:58 PM
Of course I have found like any craft, production is a long road. I'm into it a little over a year and it feels like it's gonna take me ten to get any where.

My question is, from the perspective of a noob, what are some reasonable expectations and goals to set for your self? Excluding the obvious which is to close the gap of a massive learning curve. Can you recall what some of your early breakthroughs were? Or some of your early goals that got you further down the road.

dennis f
07-07-2010, 05:16 PM
....what are some reasonable expectations and goals to set for your self?.

I'll share the one thing that has always helped me and to this day still does.....


post that shit and burn it into your brain. Why?

because life itself is not guaranteed. Everything is a lottery in life. People will tell you otherwise and I'll say BULLSHIT. It's all lottery. Crossing the street can get you killed if your in the wrong place and time. All you can do is make sure that you have the education , skill set and business know-how necessary to compete fairly in your trade. Most who are bitter fail to see that they were lacking in one area or another and refuse to see the forest for the trees. AND EVEN THEN..it's still a total crap shoot! lol
Everything began to turn around for me when i picked this mantra up. Things will be what they will be. Just try to not make any obviously bad decisions that's all. As long as you don't expect anything you can't be disappointed right? When you do this..you clear your mind and your canvas is brand new allowing you to paint as you please and to see things the way others refuse to. If your worried about paying the rent cuz you make records...then you better be an adult and get a real fucking job!!! End of story. You can't be bitter about it. There will always be the have's and have nots...it's life. Make music cuz you love to...educate yourself in your trade because it allows you to communicate with others in a more integrated way. See..music is a language and much in the way you speak english..slang will get you by with most folks....but when you move on up to the big house and boardrooms you better be able to speak in a proper manner and have good table etiquette also or out ya go. As long as you stick to that...wherever you land is wherever you land. Just be grateful your breathing.

hope this puts things into perspective for ya

one love

Sal Paradise
07-08-2010, 11:12 AM
Appreciate your words of wisdom. Great post.

Maybe your words translate to craft as well? My question was regarding goals and expectations with the doing of production in and of it self. Not what you might gain or never gain as a career w/it.