View Full Version : SeanKev presents Soul Heaven, back to my Roots July 24,2010

07-21-2010, 05:26 PM
See the youngest Disco Dj Live july 24, 2010 6pm to 2am in Queens Astoria Celebrating 31 years of soul. Every one is invited. Come Dance, Dance, Dance As I take you back to the time when underground Disco like Paradise Garage the Zanzibar and the loft all in one.

As playing Side by Side with me is Boyd Jarvis a real good friend of minds and Dj Buck is also starting it out with that Roller skate Funk. Dj Precision with that Jazz Disco soul. And myself SeanKev with the ultimate mix after mix after mix.

Also live recording all night family and friends can watch and hear the soul from out the speakers. www.boxofficekids.org

I have a youtube page Check out my mixes. www.youtube.com/seankev102
This party is airing live online you can see it at. www.boxofficekids.org

I'm having this party for everyone who really appreciate good music. And want to express their souls.

Come out and have a good time Also serving alchohol.

If interested contact me cell phone. 757-951-6508 SeanKev