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08-05-2011, 08:15 AM

[LARD034]Jon Sweetname "Diomedes EP"

Look Ahead Records presents "Diomedes EP" - the latest release from Jon Sweetname - a DJ and producer from Barcelona, Spain. As a DJ, Jon has played in lots of small clubs in his town and at Chiringuito - a lovely beach club in summer. Jon's passion is house music, all the styles from deep, soulful to tech house. In his sets, we can find a mixture of tribal rhythms and electric fusion of various music styles from around the world such as swing, jazz, funk or flamenco. As a producer, he started experimenting with music while creating small remixes in the early nineties. Later, in 2000, he began working with a computer and a small sequencer and so in 2006 he was a finalist of the first remix contest on Beatport with "Sarah McLachlan", and also a finalist of a remix contest with the track "Danny Tenaglia - DIBIZA" in the Spanish Deejay Magazine. In 2007, Jon was also a finalist in the Spanish Deejay Magazine with a remix for "Dj Disciple - WORK IT OUT". Since December 2008, he has had releases on such labels as Manuscript Records (Ukraine), Sinsation Records (USA), SFR Recordings (ITA), Bleep Bloop (Brasil), Toto Recordings and Kotangens Records (Ukraine) or Mimosa Recordings (USA). In his productions, Jon likes combining different deep sounds with classical instruments like trumpets, strings, guitars, etc. His "Diomedes EP" is composed of two deep tracks: "Sefarad" and "El Viento". The release is now available on Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/diomedes-ep/403442.

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