View Full Version : diamond life-esp??

05-17-2003, 10:44 AM
i was going to buy the VEGA, Louie & JAY "SINISTER" SEALEE presents JULIE MCKNIGHT record.One of the presses of this track has an original mix on it.Does anyone no if this record is the same a the ESP track -its you..
Here is the 3 versions of it.I have been going to buy the ESP track and i was wondering if the vinyl under #2 (a) below is the same thing.

1.VEGA, Louie & JAY "SINISTER" SEALEE presents JULIE MCKNIGHT: Diamond Life(JaySinister "Classic Xtravaganza" mix, "Apocalyptic" instrumental)

2)VEGA, Louie & JAY "SINISTER" SEALEE starring JULIE McKNIGHT: Diamond Life

a)Dance Ritual" mix, original mix, "Old School" dub)

b)Diamond" mix, Masters At Work mix, acappella)

05-17-2003, 10:49 AM
p.s - The jay sinister remixes version sounds kinda like the ESP original(old school house souns) where as the dance ritual and diamond mixes are more latiny.

If anyone has the original mix and the old school dub could they tell me if its similar to ESP(vibe wise)