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03-15-2003, 02:11 PM
I'm sure many of you already realize this (article copied below),but just wanted to add my thoughts to it a bit.I live outside of America,and have for about the last 10 years.I can tell you,from seeing it with my own eyes,that Bush,and his team,is destroying the view that non Americans have of America.Educated people,wherever they may be,surely realize that it is Bush and his team who are sick,and not the American peoples,though less informed non Americans,have resentment,not only towards Bush and his team,but also resentment against America,and Americans.The worst thing about this all,is that it is America,and Americans,who will see and feel the results of Bush's actions.It is very difficult for me as a US citizen to stand by,and watch Bush bring a country down the drain.I dont believe there are any American people that really stand behind him,are there ?
The government is supposed to represent the beliefs of its peoples,no ?When it is not doing that,what can we as people do ?I dread seeing killing,in a sensless war,(not that any war has any sense),knowing that I and we could do something about it.Theres a whole other spiritual level to it,that I'm feeling as well,though that would take another post.

Just copied this from Arabnews.com

NY Times: U.S. Senator wants investigation into fake US evidence against Iraq
Iraq-USA, Politics, 3/15/2003

The New York Times reported that "top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the FBI on Friday to investigate forged documents the Bush administration used as evidence against Saddam Hussein and his military ambitions in Iraq."

It added "Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said he was uneasy about a possible campaign to deceive the public about the status of Iraq's nuclear program."

The new York Times said "Rockefeller asked the FBI to determine the source of the documents, the sophistication of the forgeries, the motivation of those responsible, why intelligence agencies didn't recognize them as forgeries and whether they are part of a larger disinformation campaign."

After the US used the information as evidence to sway UN Security Members for support of war on Iraq, Mohammed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told the U.N. Security Council that the documents are forgeries.

The New York Times quoted the Senator saying "there is a possibility that the fabrication of these documents may be part of a larger deception campaign aimed at manipulating public opinion and foreign policy regarding Iraq.''

The Washington Post reported early this week that "The CIA, which had also obtained the documents, had questions about "whether they were accurate," said one intelligence official, and it decided not to include them in its file on Iraq's program to procure weapons of mass destruction."