12-19-2003, 05:21 AM
RE: The Jose Padilla Case:

Freedom and the Constitution are the law of our land and not the Bu$h regime....as proven in two court rulings that a prisoner cannot be held without legal council available!!! Thank you, thank you!! Our legal system is upholding the laws of the land. Next move is to revoke the parts of this 'Patriot Act' which begin to strip us of our right to protest, and rights to privacy being attacked by Bu$h & company beneath their 'guise' of fighting terror.

Without fair trials (does anybody remember the Constitution?) We are no better than the people that we supposedly dislike. If we keep anybody in jail without a trial, we are a dictatorship. Can't anybody see that doing that is more dangerous than any terrorists? Because then, any cop, mayor, judge, senator, neighbor, business competitor, person after your job or wife, or president or whoever can just yell "enemy combatant" and point at you and you conveniently disappear forever. How in the Hell does anyone think Hitler started.

The republican party must save themselves and disown this administration of dictators and destroyers of our core beliefs Constitution. If they fail to do so in light of the rampant lies, preemptive strike of Iraq, and warnings unheeded before 9/11, 3 million lost jobs in America, and a deficit higher than any time in our history.....they are cooked in 2004.




the twin towers are gone -- but the Constitution is still around.