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Markus Rice
10-24-2006, 02:06 PM
New Mix for ya
Expansions Sessions 4 The Soul Pt.1
www.jmnyc.com/audio/markus/expansionssessions4thesoul1.mp3 (http://www.jmnyc.com/audio/markus/expansionssessions4thesoul1.mp3)

Playlist For:
Expansions Sessions "4 The Soul Pt.I"
Mixed By: Dj Markus Rice
1. "ESP I can See You" Steal Vybe
2. "Harmonic Vibe" Franck Roger
3. "Happy" Blaze
4. "Strech My Arms" Eric Kupper Mix
5. "Stop Ahead" P.M. project Feat: Elsa
6. "Sun that Moves The Rain" Adam Scott Mix
7. " The Cure The Cause" Fish Go Deep
8. "Like a Flower" Nina Simmone U/R Tony Humphries Mix
9. "Little Sun Flower" John Crockett
10"This Time" Q-Burns Absract Soul feat. Lisa Shaw
11."Let the Drums Speak" Bah Samba / Fatback Band
12."Salsa Moves You" Franck Roger
13."Beach House" Hed Kandi Miguel Migs Mix
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