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Grey Marl
10-31-2004, 04:00 AM
has anyone played this yet? i was addicted to vice city for the longest time. i wonder how this measures up?

andre wright
10-31-2004, 08:47 AM
can't get it anywhere. was told to check back on tuesday 11/2. i'll give a review. already got the mayhem cheats (extra guns..). supposed to be hot south central LA and vegas.

10-31-2004, 12:44 PM
Just got my copy and did a test run this morning.

My thoughts: the city is 3x as big as Vice City and the attention to detail is great. You now can go to the gym and get buff, choose tattoos and hair styles, among other things. The story line is great, but it seems like humor is not as great this time around. The scenery tends to get a bit dark, too, but that may be a consequence of trying to replicate that Cali haze . . .

The soundtrack is unbelievable. . features classic West Coast rap stuff, there's a house station (featuring Your Love, Can You Feel It, among others). . .there's even Love is the Message and Maze's Twilight on one of the stations.

More later. . .

10-31-2004, 12:52 PM
I love it! I can already see months of my life disappearing.

one complaint... some of the darker icons on the map (like the gyms) are really hard to see. I've been adjusting my screen non-stop!

10-31-2004, 02:54 PM
real cool game fer gangsters,u can be a criminal and don't have ta go ta jail heh. I like the gang warfare part u can roll with your own crew and take out other gangs lotta action!

10-31-2004, 03:31 PM
my friend just got it this weekend i played 4 about 5 min. i like it seems wilder as far as cars weapons car jackings map is a lil difficult 2 c i was surprised w/ the house station Your Love by Frankie Knuckles is on there also looks like u can cause a lot more havoc as well but its cool w/ the barber shops & fast food joints definately more creative

DJ Timmy Richardson
10-31-2004, 03:37 PM
Rockstar Games' cornerstone Grand Theft Auto series returns for a third run through the 128-bit generation, with this violent, mature-themed third-person shooter and mission-based driving game. Set in the early-1990s gang culture of "San Andreas," a fictional U.S. region modeled after California, the adventure plays out across the entire virtual state, with action centered in its three main cities: Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), San Fiero (San Francisco), and Las Venturas (Las Vegas).

Like it's immediate predecessor, Vice City, San Andreas strives to provide a wide, deep foundation for its free-form criminal gameplay by setting the story in a slightly exaggerated representation of a familiar (if not glorified) American subculture. As Vice City seemed inspired by Miami Vice, and the pastel-decked, "me generation" ideals of the early 1980s, San Andreas is set in a time and place suggested by films like Boyz N the Hood, Menace II Society, or Colors, where riots eventually brought a whole city to a halt and awakened new consciousness across the country.

Players take the role of a young man named Carl "C.J." Johnson, who thought he had escaped the gangland lifestyle by moving away from his Los Santos home. When his mother is murdered, he returns to the neighborhood of his childhood, only to become embroiled with threats and danger from all sides. Because of his family and friends who remained in Los Santos, he's considered an enemy-on-sight to rival gang members. Even worse, perhaps, the corrupt local law enforcement frames him for a crime he did not commit.

To clear his name and save his family, C.J. sets out on a long journey that will lead him all across the state. More than any earlier GTA game, San Andreas features strong elements of role-playing and character development, encouraging players to customize their version of C.J. as they play through his adventure on their own terms. Unlike the protagonist of GTA 3, or Vice City's Tommy Vercetti, C.J. isn't really working for some underworld organization or crime boss mastermind -- he's out to take care of himself and his own family. He is not driven by the immediate promise of wealth or promotion; his goals are far more personal. He must steer the direction of his exploits, to follow them to a satisfactory end.

Also in the theme of giving more control of over the lead character's development, players will take care of C.J.'s day-to-day needs. When he is hungry, he'll need to eat -- perhaps at one of San Andreas' fast food chains, like "Cluckin' Bell," or "Burger Shot." If he doesn't eat, he'll become thin and weak, but too much fast food without any exercise will cause him to grow fat and slow. Players can also choose the clothes that C.J. wears, and have him get customized tattoos.

C.J. has to come up with any money he needs for these things on his own, however, since there won't always be some boss character waiting to pay him off as he completes his missions. One way to scratch up some quick cash is by robbing homes at night. When he puts on his ski mask, C.J. enters a stealth mode, and is more likely to be able to sneak into a house, nab some valuables, and head off to the local fence before the residents even wake up.

Overall, San Andreas is in the same format and style that won millions of fans for GTA 3 and Vice City, but it features a number gameplay adjustments and improvements. In addition to C.J.'s stealth mode, he can also swim; a wrong turn off the pier will no longer result in an instant trip to the emergency ward, and if all else fails, the protagonist may even be able to evade pursuers by taking a quick dip. The game's targeting system has also been adjusted. Using both analog sticks, players take more complete control of C.J., and can have him run and strafe, and shoot in almost any direction, even while moving in another.


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