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03-07-2004, 10:50 PM
A BushCo - Halliburton Oil Production


"Quagmire Number Three"

George W. Bush
as the bumbling pResident
that just can't say no to war,
or oil.

Dick Cheney
as the meanspirited
V.P. and Texas Oilman

Don Rumsfield
as the rambling
Minister of Propaganda

Condi Rice
as the woman they followed,
and directed.

Special Guest Appearance by
Colin Powell
as the hawker of fake info to the U.N.

Arnold Swarzenegger
"The Gropenator"

Karl Rove
the man behind it all.

Robert Novak
as the CIA outing journalist

Join a cast of thousands of invaded as they seek refuge from one man's lust for power
and global domination in not one, but three different nations!

Watch as American soldiers are sent on personal missions.
Laugh as Bush loots the U.S. Treasury.
Cry as you find out you really have been left behind.

"I couldn't stop shooting." says Gun Owners Daily
"This movie is a direct hit." says American Mercenary
"You couldn't miss this one with a MOAB." says Bomb Guys Journal

Now playing in a Third World Country near you!