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12th house
05-20-2004, 12:19 PM
the debut of a new series of roving parties
featuring EMan, Lola, and selected guests


The Sullivan Room
218 Sullivan St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.)
doors 10pm :: $10 or $7 with flyer or RSVP to




"Beyond" is a new concept for EMan and Lola, both of whom have long histories in New York City's music and party circuits. Noting a lack of variety in New York's club nights, EMan and Lola conceived "Beyond" as a way to address the nichification of New York clublife. "Beyond" does not adhere to any one style of dance music, but seeks to pull elements of deep house, broken beat, techno, dub, progressive and tribal house, classics, disco, soul, and jazz into a cohesive whole. "Beyond" will seek this cohesion over time and through the progression of events, leading "beyond" the notion of a party as an isolated event and moving towards the idea of a party as a growing, evolving form.

"Beyond" will be helmed by EMan and Lola and will feature occasional guests, live performances, and visual elements. "Beyond" will be noteable for its site-specific quality: we will be altering the party's elements to each venue we host it at. Some venues will feature projections, others slide shows; some may have a singer, others a poet. The qualities of "Beyond" will shift and morph in response to our space and our audience, rendering "Beyond" an organic partying concept that is truly nomadic and responsive to each venue it is hosted at.

"Beyond" launches Friday, May 21st at the Sullivan Room. For this debut, "Beyond" will lean towards the tribal sound of house music mingled with the best in deep, dark house: think Danny Tenaglia meeting Todd Terry in a dub studio.

Elbert Phillips
05-20-2004, 12:34 PM