Positive Vibration

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  1. dawn220
    Good look, dancewordz, we all can use inspiration!!! With that said let me share what this Asian lady in a vegetarian restaurant wrote on my check as I leaving a while back... "There are no ordinary moments". That's all she wrote but I found it to be powerful & profound. Peace & I'll be looking to this group! ;)
  2. MaDe
    Very important words: "There are no ordinary moments"! Every moment is significant in our lives.
    Many men have been giving this advice: "Treat every moment of your life like the last one" Sometimes I manage to do this and I really feel myself different at it.
  3. dancewordz
    outstanding. yall did not disappoint. i think both of your comments are very grounding to what really matters in life.

    MaDe - your statement is truly heartwarming. in this cruel world we can learn so much from the innocence of children.

    dawn without question that moment in itself was profound. you were meant to have that message on that day. thank you for now sharing it with us.
  4. MaDe
    Live not to take, but live to give, first. Everything given out gets back to us hundredfold.
    Unconditional love is such a wonderful feeling. I only started to feel it consciously not so long ago. I mean giving this love...and...I feel like god doing it, like a kind little god!
  5. dancewordz
    The importance of feelings cannot be overstated. Our feelings are our greatest tool to help us create the life we desire. Our thoughts are the primary cause of things. Everything else we see and experience in this world is effect, including our feelings. It is impossible to feel bad and simultaneously have good thoughts, since this would defy the law of attraction. We are the only one who knows how we’re feeling at any time.

    Taking a moment to ask, “how do I feel?,” will provide the gage that will make us more aware of what we are feeling, and thus what we are thinking, and thus what we are attracting.

    ~the secret

  6. dawn220
    I haven't been on here in a minute but it was worth the visit on this rainy day... Peace!
  7. dancewordz
    When we meditate, we are thinking deeply, reflecting, and/or pondering something repeatedly. Perhaps there have even been times we've stated that thoughts are circling in our heads. Thus, not all meditation is positive and purposeful.

    Worry is a negative meditation. It has been said that

    40% of worry has already happened
    30% of worry will never happen
    20% of worry is of some unrelated health issue/illness
    10% of worry is of daily routines------thus

    100% of worry is pointless

  8. Tony Mundaca
    Tony Mundaca
    the truth will set you free.
  9. M'Lissa
    Love Good Vibes man keep the neganastiness out of here.
  10. TheLondenSound
    Looking for a female Musical Director (a DJ), who has the perfect set list that chronicles underground music since the 80's.
    A developing a bROADWAY sTYLED pROGRAM - sHOW.

    The Women of House - there that is the specific theme.
    It is a Set that describes the Struggles of women in Life and the Industry.
    120 min.
    The Groups or Bands, singers or songs, have to be LEAD by a woman or a starting point for a woman who may have later on become a sinsation else when.
    As I tap away on this keyboard, I am listening to Inside Out - Odyssey - moving song, significant FEMALE contribution.

    I am not asking to STEAL a set list, I do not play, I ACT in local theatre and I promote (this is in addition to backstage & unemployment insurance : my profession; my work)

    As Stated before, I am developing a Braodway Styled Show and the female perspective is what I am calling for. I am a male, I do not know what it feels like to want to or be a woman: I can only go half on a baby ....lol . Can Carry it, but can help in the delivery. Soooo let's give birth to a truly fresh look at our Underground Tradition and Culture, from a REAL WOMAN's Point of View!

    Email - thelondensound@aol.com
    Let me c if I
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