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Fletch, I do agree with you in regards to Bill Nunn aging very quickly after, “Do the right thing”, in 1989 and, “New jack city”, In 1990, Though, Whenever i would see Bill Nunn’s face or name in a movie credit, I made sure that i would checkout the movie whether the movie being wack or nice, I knew Bill Nunn would put in work in his part of any movie that he was in, My

Man(Facts), Fletch, Bill Nunn said a classic line when trying to get it up straight with a young lady with Larry Fishburne sleep in their room in , “School Daze”, In 1988, When the young lady said to Bill Nunn, “Grady is your roomate in the room, Bill Nunn responded, No, That’s just a bumpy mattress baby, If you don’t scream, I won’t hollar”, Fletch, Checkout a movie called,

“Death by Temptation”, With Kadeem Hardison, Bill Nunn, Freddie Jackson/LOL, Infact/LOL, Bill Nunn gets dissed mad hard by Freddie Jackson at a spot that Bill Nunn was trying to push-up on a young lady who was not trying to get with Bill Nunn and Freddie Jackson scooped up the young lady, While mad dissin Bill Nunn in the process, My man/LOL.

Much Respect
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