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Thread: "W.D.H.P." on the live side of yo internet dial!!!!

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    "W.D.H.P." on the live side of yo internet dial!!!!

    ladies and gents of the "dhb", first of all "TOP O' THA MORNIN TO YA JOSIE-BOOOYY!!!" I see we got a rant goin on out in Melbourne, UK, with the dance music scene, that is!! Look heah brotha-man, don't let em get to ya, just keep on pushin, you will make a difference and they will know!!

    Our deepest condolences goes out to the families of the recent, late Mrs Tammie Faye Baker she departed this life a day or two ago, may god bless and carry her with him, for she now resting in peace, amen...........And now for other news, our dhp rovering reporters got news in the other day thru a-uuh, shall we say- a "common" local news paper in chicago, that a certain neighborhood got "insensed" with the festivities of recent!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!according to the dhp press, it was the biggest fest that the chosen few threw yet!!! and the police was very cooporative and real courteous and polite "WHO EVER HEARD OF IT!!"

    It turns out that some neighbors were complaining about the trash that was out there the next day..........hmm, I recall, I was told that the chosen few got a permit to throw this event, the same type of permit that the "Taste of Chicago" commitee got also.........and there was trash there on columbus Dhp audience, lemme "Ax you sumthin!!" if your tax dollars and the chosen few's tax dollars are paying for the "City" to clean up, as stated in any permits that one or more organizations pay for, "WHY" is everyone else bitchin and complaining?!?!?

    of course the "North End" of the park got blamed for this (We know who we aarrre!!") All in all, it was a good time to be had with little or no incidences.........and now for the weather, brought to you by the makers of "Mooseknuckle, Pidgeonkrackle, and everyone's favorite snack packs "POOTY-CLICKLETS!!!"

    "Today's forecast in chicago will be partly cloudy/sunny, high of 77, low of 65 degrees in the outlying areas....tomorrow, partly cloudy/sunny again, this time a lil bit warmer, high of 81 degrees, low of 65 again in the outlying areas - this is goooood sleeping weather, by the end of the week, scrub that favorite place on the ground, cause y'all gone be fryin eggs on the sidewalk!!! that's right, the heatwave is makin it's way back!!!!

    this is Doorum Zoonphulus, here on DOUBLE-U-D-H-PEEEE!!on the live side of yo internet dial!!! we gone take calls from typing keyboard callers to express their opinions and concerns or ideas you may have and we will comment and give further news and things as we go along. Thanks for tunning in dhp, Ima go silent for awhile, waiting for yo responses, but will be watching............"caller are you there????discuss
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