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Thread: Stars On 45 Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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    Stars On 45 Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I recently found a copy of this record for $2, the tracklist is as follows.

    B1-01 Stars On 45 Stars On 45 B1-02 Stars On 45 Boogie Night B1-03 Stars On 45 Funky Town B1-04 Stars On 45 Video Killed The Radio Star B1-05 Stars On 45 Venus B1-06 Stars On 45 Sugar Sugar B1-07 Stars On 45 Cathy's Clown B1-08 Stars On 45 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do B1-09 Stars On 45 Only The Lonely B1-10 Stars On 45 Lady Bump B1-11 Stars On 45 Jimmy Mack B1-12 Stars On 45 Rainy Day B1-13 Stars On 45 Itsy Bitsy Tieny Wieny Yellow Polkadot Bikini B1-14 Stars On 45 Stars On 45

    problem is... the VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR/VENUS segment doesnt exist. and instead there is killer disco/boogie for like 20 secs does anyone know if this is a cover of a track? or if stars released a longer mix of this part? i would love to edit it, but unfortunatley this album lacks editable material for this part. if anyone could help out i would really appreciate it thanks.


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    I purchased that LP when it frist came out and I wondered why "Take Your Time Do It Right" by S.O.S. band was called Video Killed the radio star? Weird!

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    I don't know if it's a cover of something but there's no extended version of it.


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