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Thread: D'Vine One Ent...THANKS YOU!!

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    D'Vine One Ent...THANKS YOU!!

    The Father's Day Picnic was a SUCCESS thanks to you and your support!!!

    First I would like to thank my team: Dj Brett, R. French, P. Jay, Cee White, Dj Fre, Sott the Soundman, Dj Reg, & Bruce Ivery...LOOK AT GOD!! WE DID IT!! .We are truly BLESSED..and I thank HIM for each and EVERYONE one of you guys...

    To My Sponsors: CHR, PS Ent. SGI Ent., B-Selfish Salon A-K-A "The Shop, Urban Gear (Game Shape)...Thank you for sewing seed into this vision..I love you guys...

    To the patrons of Leo's Den and everyone that helped to promote this event..this would not have been possible without you!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart...

    We're looking forward to next year...same place; same time....

    Pix are coming ASAP, but, if you have any PLEASE feel free to post....

    See ya next year!!!

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    Thanks for a wonderfuld day! I had my kids with me and we had a ball. Mz Nicky my neice is crazy about you;) Thanks for the pointers you gave me when we had that lil talk;) I appreciate that. The Divine One DJ's well all u gentleman were HOT! I wish Mz Nicky could have played but thats ok next time right? lol! Very nice turnout, everyone with their families, it was wonderful to watch. Me Me loves the kids! Having a ball. Thats what this is all about peace & love and theres nothing wrong with a lil education on Cancer & Aids awareness. All in all just wonderful day. Cant wait to next year. Hey Brett!! Love you!!
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