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Thread: PLAYLIST from Salvation From Sin (July 28, 2008) w/ DJ Michael Terzian

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    PLAYLIST from Salvation From Sin (July 28, 2008) w/ DJ Michael Terzian


    1. FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI “teacher don’t teach me nonsense” (Wrasse, cd)
    2. LAURENTIUS (aka Needs) “over the sea” (reprise) (Needs, 12”)
    3. TAXI “people come runnin” (Needs rmx) (Infracom!, 12”)
    4. STEAL VYBE “light years away” (Sucasa, 12”)
    5. STEAL VYBE “mirage” (Large Music, 12”)
    6. LOST TYMEZZ (aka Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson) “every day” (USG main mix) (Nite Grooves, 12”)
    7. BERNARD BADIE f/ Olandus Gray “imagine” (Ron Trent’s Africa Hi-Fi mix) (Smooth Agent Records, 12”)
    8. MALENA PEREZ “praise the day” (Osunlade original mix) (Cubanita Groove Records, 12”)
    9. STEAL VYBE “e.s.p. (i can see you)” (King Street Sounds, 12”)
    10. LAURENTIUS “reminiscense” (original touch) (Clairaudience, 12”)
    11. FRANCK ROGER f/ Chris Wonder “if i” (Shade of Soul rmx) (Sunny Side Records, 12”)
    12. DJ DEEP “signature” (Guidance Recordings, 12”)
    13. JOSEPH MALIK “take it all in and check it all out” (Aqua Bassino’s groove mix) (Compost Records, 12”)
    14. FRANCK ROGER “jeware” (Real Tone, 12”)
    15. BROTHERS OF PEACE “get blacker” (Rufftrack Records, 12”)
    16. BLAK BEAT NIKS “do you want me?” (USG dubstrumental mix) (Pan, 12”)
    17. SUNDIATA O.M. “not e-nuff” (Allmuseri rmx) (Sancsoul Records, 12”)
    18. STACEY MALLORY f/ Gerideau “changes” (83 West rmx) (Iwanai, cdr)
    19. STEAL VYBE f/ Chris Dockins “strong” (King Street Sounds, 12”)
    20. REEL SOUL f/ Daemon “take me to a place” (Fanatix mix) (Ricanstruction, 12”)
    21. RASMIR MANTREE “keep house alive” (thank you mix) (Mantree Records, cdr)
    22. APHRODISIAC (aka Ronald Burrell) “just before the dawn” (Nu Groove, 12”)
    23. FUNK FORCE PROJECT (aka DJ Deep & Olivier Portal) “funk in New Jersey” (original mix) (Straight Up! Recordings, 12”)
    24. KERRI CHANDLER “relax have another spliff” (Flipside, 12”)
    25. OSUNLADE “tree of life” (Versatile, 12”)
    26. JEPHTE GUILLAUME “pouki (why)” (Spiritual Life Music, LP)
    27. DOM NAVARRA f/ Antonio “ebony” (Trinidadian Deep rmx) (cdr)
    28. AMEL LARRIEUX “sacred” (Deepsouljah/Trinidadian Deep ‘USG rmx’) (cdr)
    29. FRANCK ROGER “stormy seas” (Real Tone Records, 12”)
    30. PROF. DELACROIX (aka AYBEE) “build her” (Deeply Rooted House, 12”)
    31. CORAL WAY CHIEFS f/ George Puch “release myself” (Murk, 12”)
    32. CLASSIC MAN “mellow” (Nervous Records, 12”)
    33. GLENN UNDERGROUND & VICK LAVENDER “k’s jaz AM” (Formaldehyd Records, 12”)
    34. GLENN UNDERGROUND “waterhodes” (Guidance Recordings, 12”)
    35. DORUK OZLEN “meyan” (cdr)
    36. HERBERT f/ Dani Siciliano “so now...” (Phonography, 12”)
    37. KERRI CHANDLER “tomorrow” (Large Music, 12”)
    38. SOUL CREATION f/ Stephanie Cooke “your special” (Doruk Ozlen rmx) (Foliage, cdr)
    39. MALENA PEREZ “confessions” (Alix Alvarez instrumental) (Cubanita Groove Records, 12”)
    40. LEDISI “in the morning” (David Harness rmx) (Restricted Access, 12”)
    41. JAYMZ NYLON f/ Kyla Sexton “lonely” (shelter vocal mix) (Un-Restricted Access, 12”)
    42. STACEY MALLORY f/ Gerideau “changes” (83 West rmx) (Iwanai, cdr)
    43. CERAMIC f/ Aisling Stephenson “broken dreams” (Ian Friday rmx) (NY Soul, cdr)
    44. H. GARDEN f/ Joi “gentle rain” (Sacred Rhythm Music, 12”)
    45. DJIVAN vs. JOI “sayat nova's cravin” (Michael Terzian’s ‘Plight of the Lost Souls’ interpretation) (cdr)
    46. ANANDA PROJECT “let love fly” (Joe Claussell’s Sacred Rhythm LP version) (Nite Grooves, cdr)
    47. DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. “a preacher leading his flock” (Polygram Special Markets, cd)
    48. CHICO HAMILTON “mysterious maiden” (Soulfeast extended reach) (Joyous Shout!/ Soulfeast, 12”)
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