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Thread: Essential Mix - Dennis Ferrer 2008-09-27

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    Essential Mix - Dennis Ferrer 2008-09-27

    cant believe to have heard dennis doing a bbc radio 1 essential mix!!!! happy he is getting international exposure

    "The US House supremo hits Radio 1
    Two hours of house & techno with soul from the forward thinking producer behind Sandcastles, Touch The Sky & Objektivity Records."

    DJ Yellow & Astrid Suryanto 'Light On Me (Satoshie Tomiie Remix)' (Project)
    Anto Vitale 'Majico' (Seasons Limited)
    Gel Abril 'Spells Of Yoruba' (Be As One)
    Patrice Bäumel 'Roar' (Get Physical)
    SIS 'Trompeta' (SeiEsDrum)
    Sebo K 'Diva' (Mobilee)
    SWV 'Rain (Bams Main Vox)' (RCA)
    Osunlade 'Momma's Groove (Nomumbah's Remix)' (Strictly Rhythm)
    Chaim 'Africomania' (Bpitch Control)
    Lukeshara 'Glowind' (Lars Behrenroth Remix) (Deeper Shades Recordings)
    Roberto Rodriguez 'Singularity' (Freerange)
    Trolle & Siebenhaar 'Sweet Dogs (Martin Buttrich Remix)' (Universal Music)
    Mike Shannon 'Dr. X (X Flex Mix)' (Plus 8 Records)
    Boddhi Satva 'Punch Koko' (Vega Records)
    Soundstream 'Soul Train' (Soundstream)
    Sia 'The Girl You Lost (Sander Van Doorn Remix / Ross Alexander's SVD Re-edit)' (CDR)
    DJ Sneak 'Dry Rub (Dub)' (Houseguest Music)
    Gorge 'Bambossa' (Plastic City)
    Brass Construction 'Movin'' (EMI)
    Johnny D 'Requiem For a Dream' (8Bit)
    Peter van Hoesen 'Casual Care' (Time To Express)
    Rhythm and Sound feat. Paul St. Hillaire 'Free For All (Soundstream Remix)' (Burial)
    Ricky L 'Nothing But' (Ibadan)
    Soundstream 'Love Jam' (Soundstream)
    Kenny Dope Gonzales 'Blackout (Beats)' (Ill Friction)


    enjoy - vin

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    Nice one, thanks


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