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Thread: Street Legends:Dapper Dan from Uptown(Manhattan)

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    Street Legends:Dapper Dan from Uptown(Manhattan)

    Dapper Dan from uptown, Was one of the most successful businessmen in Harlem during the early to late 80's, Dapper Dan was a clothing designer, Who's, Store was located on 125thst and Lenox ave, Dapper Dan's spot, Had the same kind of juice, That, Aj Lester's(Legendary Clothing store on 125thst in Harlem, During the late 60's to early 80's), Enjoyed, Through the late

    60's,70's,80's, Aj Lester's, Was the spot, Were mad celebrities, Like, Walt Frazier(Hall of fame guard who played for the New York Knicks during the late 60's to 1978), Earl Monroe(Hall of fame guard, Who played for The Baltimore Bullets and New York Knicks during the late 60's to late 70's), PeeWee Kirkland(Legendary Drug-Kingpin from the 60's/70's, Uptown/Harlem), Calvin Lockhart/Rip(Well-Known actor from the 70's/80's), Julius Harris/Rip(Well-

    Known actor from the 60's70's),Dj Hollywood,Eddie Chebba,Van Silk, Flash,Guy Fisher(Legendary Drug Kingpin from the 70's),Bats Ross(Nicky Barnes crew from the 70's),Dick Barnett(New York Knicks legend from the 60's/70's,), Rufus(Brooklyn Heavy)Board,Ronnie Bump(Legendary Drug kinpin

    From Queens, During the 70's),Ronnie Isley,Joe Frazier(Boxing Legend from the 70's), Etc, All used to get their wears from Aj Lesters, During the late 60's to early 80's, Dapper Dan's was the spot, Where Mike Ty(Mike

    Tyson),Demo'd Mitch Green from the Bronx, In 1988(Mitch Green was poppin shit to Mike Ty, And, Well, You know/LOL), On the low, Dapper Dan used to move weight too/LOL, I remember a drug game that took place during the summer of 1984, At King Towers(115thst and Lenox ave, Down the block from Harlem World(116thst and Lenox ave), Dapper Dan's crew from

    Uptown/Harlem, Featured:Gary Springer(Iona College),Richie Adams(UNLV),Steve Burtt(Iona College),Mike Moses(Florida,St.John's),Rory Grimes(Iona College),Kevin Williams(St.John's),Bill(Fatdaddy)Sadler(Pepperdin e University), Troy Truesdale(Iona College),Walter Berry(St.John's),Kenny

    Hutchinson(Arkansas),Etc, Dapper Dan's crew were running against Tommy Mickens crew from Queens, Which featured, Billy Goodwin(Though, Billy Goodwin's from the Bronx, Billy Goodwin was playing with Tommy Mickens in this game/LOL), Mark Jackson(St.John's),Robert Jackson(St.John's),Robert(Tree)Cornegy(St.John's), Pete Edwards(New York Tech),Shelton Jones(St.John's),Derrick Chievous(Missiouri),Anthoney Mason(Tennessee

    State),True Carter(St.Thomas Aquinas),Fred Burton(LIU),The game between Dapper Dan's crew from Uptown vs Tommy Mickens crew from Queens, Was for $100's(But, The sum of money was on the low/LOL), Tommy Mickens crew was ahead in the game going into the 4th quarter, When, Cats from both

    Crews started to play mad rough(The refs copped a plea mad hard, Because of the potential of PAP,PAP,PAP/LOL), Dapper Dans spot on 125htst, Was right next door to the Celebrity Club(Legendary Hiphop spot during the early to late 80's), Cats like BusyBee,Dj Aj,The Treaherous 3,Coldcrush

    4,Fantastic 5,Furious 5, Jazzy 5(Jazzy J's crew, Who made the plate 'Can you feel it', Over the plate',Funky Sensation', By Gwen McCrae in 1981),Crashcrew, Johnny Wa and Rayvon,Master Don and the Committee,LoveBug Starski,Funky 4,Kool Kyle,Etc,All put in much work at The Celebrity Club during the 80's.
    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes

    "In the early 1980s, Harlem-based design entrepreneur Dapper Dan recognized the selling power of luxury. He created customized high-end products that incorporated highly recognizable accessory logos like those of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, featuring them in non-traditional ways. His clients included Biz Markie, Salt-N-Peppa, Big Daddy Kane, Roxane Shante, and Don King. Before Nike itself started making clothing, Dapper Dan created apparel with the Nike logo. The result: one-of-a-kind clothing that provided the wearer with instant visibility."

    In artistic terms, music sampling and the incorporation of luxury logos into new works of fashion appear to flow from a similar approach to creativity.

    In legal terms, however, the "sampling" of a designer logo is distinct from music sampling. In addition to the difference in intellectual property regimes -- trademark for the former, copyright for the latter -- it is far more likely that the sampler will use an entire logo as compared with a few seconds of a musical work.

    But should trademark owners object or look the other way? It's a matter of degree and of business strategy. Depending on the quality, transformative nature, and scale of distribution of the work, creations like Dapper Dan's aren't necessarily bad for the trademark holder. In the right hands, street fashion can make established labels newly trendy by association, much the way that fan fiction strengthens ties between consumers and an existing creative structure. The MCNY curator's description even raises the question of whether Nike was inspired by Dapper Dan, in addition to the reverse. In the wrong hands, however, sampling is little more than simple counterfeiting -- a trademark holder's worst nightmare. Moreover, trademark owners must police their marks or risk their becoming generic.

    As in the case of music, African-American styles from zoot suits to modern urban streetwear have historically been more likely to be appropriated by mainstream culture than to appropriate it -- a circumstance over which creative designers have no legal control. The rise of luxury logos and their appeal to hip-hop culture have prompted examples of appropriation in the other direction.

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    Did Clyde Frazier take Bill Bradley and Phil Jackson up there? Just wondering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
    Did Clyde Frazier take Bill Bradley and Phil Jackson up there? Just wondering.
    Instant Classic!

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    Street Legends:Dapper Dan from Uptown(Manhattan)

    Fletch, I've never seen Phil Jackson nor Bill Bradley(A Rhodes Scholar, Uptown shopping/LOL), Shopping at Dapper Dan's spot, My man, Though, I do know for a fact, That, My man, Al McGuire, Knew where Aj Lester's was located at on 125thst/LOL, Fletch, As we both Know, Al McGuire used to hang uptown mad hard during the 60's/70's, Al McGuire recruited Dean Meminger(Rice HS in

    Harlem), Larry(The Grasshopper)McNeil(Clinton HS in the Bronx), To play for Marquette University, During the late 60's/early 70's, Infact, Artie Green signed to play for Marquette in 1977, Just to have the opportunity to play for Al McGuire(Who retired in 1977, After Marquette won the 1977 NCAA

    Championship beating North Carolina), Artie Green and Sam Worthen, Wanted to both play for Al McGuire(Who retired after Sam Worthen and Artie Green signed letters of Intent to attend Marquette during the winter of 1975,76

    But, Artie Green and Sam Worthen did not have the grades to become eligible for a scholarship in 1976/Sam Worthen, And, 1977/Artie Green, So, Sam Worthen and Artie Green both went to Junior Colleges in Texas and California respectively, Sam Worthen went ot McClennan Junior college in Texas for 2 years(1977,78), Sam Worthen was a 2-time junior College All-American at McClennan Junior College Along with Sam Worthen gaining 1st team All-

    American honors at McClennan Junior College in 1978, Fletch, You probably remember Sam Worthen from his days at Franklin K.Lane in Richmond Hills,Queens, From 1972-1976), Sam Worthen was a 2-time New York City,

    PSAL All-City Product(1975,76), Along with Sam Worthen being a 1st team All-City product in 1976(Along with Ty Ladson(Canarsie HS),Al King(Fort Hamilton HS), Artie Green(Taft HS),Stretch Graham(Lafeyette HS), As for Artie Green,

    Well, Artie Green was a 3-Time All-City Product(1975,1976,77), Along with Artie Green, Being named first team All-City in 1976,77), Artie Greenw was also a 3rd team-highschool All-American(McDonalds,Parade magazine,Street

    And Smith's), In 1977, Fletch, The 1977 McDonalds All-American crew, Was mad stacked to the ninth power my man/LOL, Fletch, Here's a list of the 1977 McDonalds and parade Magazine highschool All-American crew.

    1.Al King(Maryland)
    2.Gene Banks(Duke)
    3.Magic Johnson(Michigan State)
    4.Artie Green(Marquette)
    5.Wes Matthews(Wisconsin)

    6.Herb Williams(Ohio State)
    7.Kelly Tripucka(Notre Dame)
    8.Orlando Woolridge(Notre Dame)
    9.Stan Wilcox(Notre Dame)
    10.Al Wood(North Carolina)
    11.Cliff Robinson(USC)
    12.Danny Vranes(Brigham Young)
    13.Darnell Valentine(Kansas)

    Fletch, Back to Dapper Dan my man,LOL, I've seen mad celebrities(Street celebrites,Movin weight Celebrities,Movie Star Celebrities,Etc, At The Celebrity Club, Right next door to Dapper Dan's spot in 125thst(I've been to Dapper Dan's spot a few times during the early 80's, Cats like Alpo,Rich

    Porter AZ,Fritz,Supreme,Corley,Fatcat,Pap Mason,Prince, The Fullien Brothers From the Bronx(Reggie and George Fullien), Etc, Used to get their wears from Dapper Dan, Along with Kool Moe Dee,Johnny Wa,Rayvon,Jekyell and Hyde,B-Fats,Gene Anthoney Ray/Rip,Darnell Williams,Etc.
    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes


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