Tonight at 8:00PM, Roxanne Shante will interview KRS-One, On, This should be a very interesting and enlightening interview/LOL, Cats/young ladies who go way back to the 80's, Most definitely remember the static between Boogie Down Productions(Bronx), And, The Juice Crew(Queens),

During the mid to late 80's, Infact, Shan(MC Shan), From the Juice crew, Set it, With, Boogie Down in 1986, With his plate,'The Bridge', Which, Shan has stated, KRS-One took the wrong way, In regards to Shan stating that Hiphop started in Queensbridge/LOL, KRS came back at Shan and the Juice crew

With his plate,' South Bronx', In 1986, Shan, Came back at Boogie Down with his plate, 'Kill that noise', In 1987, Then, KRS came back at the whole Juice Crew with his plate,'The Bridge is over', In 1987/LOL, On the low, Boogie Down Productions wanted to be down with the Juice crew, During the mid 80's, But, Mr.Magic felt that Boogie Down Productions, Were not nice/LOL,

Also, Roxanne Shante came mad hard and mad funny, Lyrically, At KRS, With her plate, 'Have a nice day', In the late 80's(Though, Shante's rhymes were written by Big Daddy Kane/LOL), Also, Kane and KRS(Who knew that Kane was writing Shante's,Shan's,Biz Mark's, Rhymes, During the mid to late 80's/LOL), Well, Kane and KRS, Are mad crew to the ninth power, Infact,

KRS helped Kane move to Jamaica Estates section Queens(Very affulent area in Jamaica,Queens during the 60's,70's,80's,), KRS and Kane are still mad crew to this very day, Also, It's very good to see old feuds, Turn around to become very good friendships, Through the years, Roxanne Shante and UTFO(Mainly Kango Kid), Deaded the static that they had during the 80's, In

Regards to the, 'Roxanne,Roxanne', Plates, That, UTFO created, During the mid 80's, LL(LL Cool J), And, Kool Moe Dee, Have been cool since the static that they had on wax, During the late 80's to mid 90's, It's a shame Biggie and Tupac did not live long enough, To build and evolve, As people, In regards to deading the nonsense that Puffy and Suge Knight started.
Much Respect
Mike Barnes