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Thread: Just a Dancer's Wish :)

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    Talking Just a Dancer's Wish :)

    Hello Family,

    This is to the entertainers/DJ’s/ Promoters/Host or Hostesses

    I am not a spring chicken anymore. Just wondering can anyone get a venue and do a Tea Party. I love Sunday's but a Sista has to work. I know there are many others’s that would agree. Body & Soul had the best schedule outside of the Mecca {Club Shelter} ...sniffles... and a ....sigh!

    Back to my point, what about 2pm to 10 or 3 until 11 pm. That would be popping.

    Give it some thought. Don't be closed. Just....think about it. Oh! The space must be a dance Utopia not a shoe box. And make sure the system is pleasing to the ear. Oh! Please make it affordable. There is a market out there. Seize the moment. If I had the coins I would do it myself. I don’t. So, I am passing on my wish. In the hopes that a worthy group will collaborate and make it happen. We need it bad, folks are really dying. And it does not have to be every Sunday.

    This is for anyone who may even currently have a Sunday party. Just think about the responsible dancer. We need love too.
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    Twirling! It's a beautiful thing! Keep On Dancing ;)


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