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Thread: "Good Samaritan DJ" on Chicago's Craigslist

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    "Good Samaritan DJ" on Chicago's Craigslist

    He's writing nothing but the truth!

    All dj's and people hiring a dj....LISTEN UP!!

    If you are looking for a DJ-

    1. Do your research! Do not just put an amount out there expecting quality service. An above average dj gets $800-$900 for a 5-6 hour event. Any less you can buy an IPOD, and save the trouble of looking. Don't lowball. I know the economy sucks but if you are able to afford to throw a party then you can pay a dj what he is asking.

    DJ's..LISTEN UP!!

    We need to stick together. I understand some of you are just starting out and looking for work, that's fine. But you need to understand that if you accept a lowball job you are setting the bar for these morons looking to hire us. If you are good and have the right equipment you can pull upwards of $700-$1200 per gig. I myself command $1050 for a 5 hour holiday party. I am booked solid thru Febuary. If you guys take gigs for $200 and $300 you are getting jacked. You cannot even buy a roadcase for $200!

    So to all. Be fair, play the game and have fun. We all want to win here. If you cannot afford a dj, then who cares. And newbie dj's. Get your rig solid, music selection tight and command $$$$. If the people really want ya, they will PAY!!!

    I know this post will be Flagged. I have set a bot that will repost this every 15 minutes until December 31st.

    I am good like that.

    I am on my way to dj 3 nights in 2 cities. But before I left I had to put this out there for all you JOCKS looking for gigs, and the cheap-A$$ people looking to hire them.


    Keep your head up, never sell out. Your talent is what makes you $$$.

    Cheap A$$'s-

    Why do you continue to post, you know I am gonna bust you out. Who the hell is gonna dj a house party for 5 hours and make free beer and $200?? For real???

    And what exposure are they really gonna get? Who? your lame, drunk, poor, no money having idiot friends like you? Grow up. If you want a dj your gonna have to buck up. Minimum for NYE is $800 thats for 4 hours. I myself will be in Ibiza making $4000, but hey, thats me.

    So, stop with the posting for dj's if your poor!!!

    You think our equipment was free???
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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentDoubleA View Post
    ... You think our equipment was free???
    That was good & hilarious ... and this line takes the cake
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveR View Post
    That was good & hilarious ... and this line takes the cake
    This had me rollin': "I have set a bot that will repost this every 15 minutes until December 31st"

    I dont know who's funnier him or the CHEAP ASSES on craigslist. Check out the following ad.

    "Need a DJ for private New Year's Eve party from 9:00 to 1:00. Guest list includes 100+ young professionals. Opportunity for great exposure! Prefer a mix of Hip Hop, Old School Rap, R & B, and other up-beat party songs. Will pay $200 for the 4 hour set plus food, drinks and the opportunity to promote yourself. Respond to the above email address for more info. Please include link to website, my space or facebook if possible."


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