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Thread: CIMA Recordings Presents: Tommy Bones- Dancefloor Warfare E.P. Listen Here!

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    CIMA Recordings Presents: Tommy Bones- Dancefloor Warfare E.P. Listen Here!

    Out now on!

    Produced, mixed and arranged by: Tommy Bones
    Recorded at 4-4 Studios, NYC USA
    Mastered by Wayne Gardiner at Close Cut Studios West Orange, NJ USA

    CIMA Media (BMI), Tommy Bones Music (BMI)

    Executive Producer: Wayne Gardiner

    2009 CIMA Recordings, LLC

    For licensing:
    Visit us at:
    Booking Tommy:

    Artist Feedback:

    I’m really proud of this guy, this one bangs and I’m looking forward to many more banga's!” -Karizma

    “What an appropriate title for this jam! If you want to cause some hysteria on the dance floor, this is your weapon. One of my favorite records of this years WMC. “ – DJ Spinna

    HOT! HOT! HOT! I luv the entire EP and also the mastering sounds great! Give it up for my man Tommy Bones! HA! Fabio Genito (Vega Records)

    Tommy Bones is making music for the dancers. I will definitely play this at my parties. - Carlos Mena (Ocha / Yoruba / Bembe)

    “Played this opening night at WMC 2009 and had many people buggin, especially DJ's… It was a big hit all throughout WMC for me” –Master Kev

    “Dance Floor Warfare is the truth. Definitely one of my top 5 jams I played at WMC.” – Jo Jo Florres

    “TB blast us with the deep-beautifully arranged Dance Floor Warfare. Will be featured at my various gigs within the next few months.” –MKL (lion1music)

    “Dancefloor Warfare brought me back to that place of inspiration when there was actually a memorable record at WMC without hype. The kind that comes out of nowhere and the quality allowed it to promote itself.” –Marques Wyatt (Deep LA)

    Yo', I've always felt this brotha had it to give!! Dancefloor Warfare EP will do justice. Looking forward to many more projects from Tommy Bones, no doubt -Wayne Gardiner (CIMA Recordings)

    Special Thanks to Wayne Gardiner, Gen, MKL, Master Kev for settig it off, Family and friends worldwide! -Tommy Bones
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    dude, "another day" is . . . . . is. . . ugh, NAAAAASSSSTEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Respect man. Its your time to shine.

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    Thanks Pang... Really appreciate that Workin hard at the producing thing!
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