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Thread: FOR SALE: Rane Serato Scratch Live SL1 (Complete Package + Extras)

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    FOR SALE: Rane Serato Scratch Live SL1 (Complete Package + Extras)

    Rane Serato Scratch Live SL 1

    I am original owner, all items have been adult/pro operated, babied by me (except for new items noted) and are in perfect condition. Complete system comes with all factory original items listed below and all factory original paperwork and packaging box/sleeve.

    1) SL 1 Hardware Interface
    1) SSL Software Installation Disc (new/unused/factory sealed)
    2) Timecode Control Vinyl (new/unused/factory sealed)
    2) Timecode Control CD (new/unused/factory sealed)
    1) USB Cable (new/unused/factory sealed)
    4) RCA Cable (new/unused/factory sealed)
    1) Owner's/Operation Manuals
    1) Survey/Warranty Card
    1) Sticker

    The following extra optional SSL items are also included:

    KB Covers Serato Scratch Live Keyboard Shortcut Cover (Model # SSL-P-BC) for Apple MacBook Pro and PowerBook computers.

    Radio Shack 110VAC-to-9VDC/300mA Power Adapter (Model # 273-1767) with correct tip plug for SL 1 Interface.

    Both extras are also one owner and in perfect condition.

    Suggested retail price for SSL SL1 is $725.
    Suggested retail price for KB Cover is $30.
    Suggested retail price for power adapter is $17.

    Selling price for complete kit is $400 firm (plus shipping if applicable).

    Detailed information about Rane Serato SSL SL 1 can be found on Rane's website:

    Detailed information about KB Cover can be found on KB Covers' website:

    Detailed information about power adapter can be found on Radio Shack's website:

    Interested persons may contact me with any questions at (no PMs please)


    PS: Before anyone asks why I'm selling, it's because I'm upgrading to SL 3. This is a great opportunity for someone to get into Serato Scratch Live at a great price. You won't find a more complete, better condition pre-owned kit.

    Don't sleep.

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