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I feel you this became an issue as soon as we stopped reaching out to the youth in order to recycle our genre. There IS however still some liquidity to be accessed in the game tho JD seems to have it right as does Benny Soto and probably others. And on the real I HAVE seen people toss a profit due to shit that had nothing to do with the party. YOU just keep succeeding fam and stop cracking on my older househeads cause you was one of us dammit!
I still feel this scene.

and Grecian formula is my friend

There are some great events out there. However, if we want to step to the next level we gotta be on some next level type shit.

NYC nightclubs want money. And they arent talking about "a bottle of water w a twist of lemon type" money. They're looking for "2 bottle minimum but I can make one of them champagne (cuz obviously you aint real ballerz)" type money. If they can't get that why bother opening the doors? Most of the workers, managers, and owners have families (barely) and can only excuse being away from their loved ones cuz they know that they can work a shift and get PAID.

Too many of us are into "the love"

If I want love, I'll put more lotion in my fist