Memory Foundation
Title: Reptiles in Exile
Cat.: YRE-017
Label: Yore Records
Format: 12"

Already up to its 17th Release, Yore keeps rolling on, this time with a new release by “Memory Foundation" .

In 1994 Robert Hood found his way into a dark basement somewhere in Vienna’s suburbia. Mr. Hood was impressed by what he had heard, and with him a Dat-tape took a long journey back to where Techno was invented once. With their first appearance on Detroit´s M-Plant Label 15 years ago, The Memory Foundation or one of their many alter egos found it´s way

into the hearts and the record-bags of many serious electronic music lovers. In 1997, after setting up their own record labels Central and together with Jeremiah grow! and other releases on M-Plant, 7th city or USM followed.

The Memory Foundation now returns with their Contribution for the Yore Camp, with their “Reptiles in Exile EP” they prove that they haven’t lost their magic touch. The track burns with electro-funk fire, with natural kit and cymbal sounds giving the already-surging cut extra thrust and the staccato burble of metallic chords adding Berlin flavour. A lithe eight-note bass motif anchors the warm techno-funk of “Bass Traveller” as a flaring synth motif squiggles alongside Rhodes chords and a boogieing clavinet line, and it’s easy to become so engrossed by the tune’s relaxed swing that the artistry of its arrangement can go underappreciated. Textbook body music, “Summer Visions” is an earthier, mid-tempo funk workout that’s sure to get the dance floor crowded, while the light-speed closer “Reptiles” blazes a slinky house trail whose fresh swing has got Yore written all over it. With any luck, we won’t be waiting twelve more years for the next Memory Foundation release.