2009.07.18 Cyber Jamz / Hiroma2-Saturday Nite Japan Session


01.Thank You / Soul Renegades >>>>> kool track!!!!
02.Sun's Departure / P'taah (Manoo remix)
03.Time To Shine / Aaron Ross feat.Natasha Watts
04.Let's Get High / Anane (Louie Vega EOL mix)
05.Circles / Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint
06.Bang The Drum / Sister Pearl (Manoo remix)
07.Let It Fall / Lady Alma and The Rainmakers
08.Each & Every Day Pt. 1 / Jerk House Connection feat. Akram (Rocco remix)
09.I Wan't / DJ Yass feat.Peter Brown
10.Better / Dance Culture feat.Kenny Bobien (Greg Gauthier remix)
11.Consequences / DJ Man-X & Albert Sterling Menendez feat. Blaze(Man-X vocal mix)
12.Special / Peven Everett (Jamie 326 vs TOT)
13.Thank You / Soul Renegades
14.Let The Bass Kick / Rob James Slam Mix
15.Am I Losing You / Chante Moore (David Harness Remix)
16.The Deejay's an Alien - Long Beats Edit
17.Final Tide / Fish Go Deep & Tracey K (Charles Wesster remix)
18.Love Can Damage Your Health / Telepopmusik
19.Like a sunshine,my memory / Pushim (Louie inst)
20.This Time / Stephanie Cooke (Groove Asassin remix)
21.House of Love / Kindred The Family Soul (Tea Party remix)