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Thread: Looking for partner to finish track!

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    Looking for partner to finish track!

    Hi Deephouse-People,

    i have a track i am working on.
    I cannot really finish it. Lack of mixing and arrangement skills.
    Konow i am looking for a partner to finish the following track.
    I really like this track and if finished well i think it has a chance to get published by a lable.

    Listen to the idea. if you like it contact me or post here.
    Let me have a little discograph to listen to. Any link welcome.

    I work on Logic and used only software.


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    hey man, i think that track has a ton of potential, i really like the start. I dunno if I'm your man cause I'm still just starting out, but personally I hear an arpeggiated line coming in, and that "waahh" woman's voice in the background is great, you should turn that bit up. great work!

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