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Thread: Who's doing renegade parties these days? Setting up speakers in non-licensed spots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
    They Happen in Brooklyn all the time. They happen sometimes in Manhattan. They just don't happen in this scene as much as they used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liL Ray View Post
    I loved them because there was nobody there I knew, so I could just enjoy the actual party and people watch without the constant "whassups" and interuptions. I also just loved the idea of partying in a place that I use to grab cheap chinese food at lunch when I use to work in the Wall Street area in the late 80s. I just loved the idea that some new cats (at the time) was on the scene, not running up in some club, and making it happen. I went for one of their Holloween parties and it was just a really cool crowd that you knew this was how they dressed on the regular...not all ghoulish and costumey (if that make any sense).

    it was just different...and I loved it.
    Yeah, I feel you on every level. The NYE party they did a while back on Canal street with Harvey was one of the baddest parties in a loooong time. That party was seriously fucking crazy. Phil South does it right man.

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    Who's doing renegade parties these days? Setting up speakers in non-licensed spots

    Ray, Cats like Flash, Ray Chandler(Former Manager of the Furious 5), Used to have throwdowns at a Burger King in the South Bronx, After closing(I never went, Though, I heard very good things about the parties/LOL), During the mid/late 70's, LoveBug Starski was down with That too(After the Burger King Closed, Flash would plug-up his power, And,

    Set it, Allnight to the morning lite/LOL, Ray, Ray Chandler knew the manager of the Burger King, Along with Ray Chandler squaring the Burger King manager, Money to have the throwdowns in a Burger King/LOL, Ray, B-Fats and Donald D, From Uptown/Harlem, Used to have throwdowns at an abandoned Senior Citizens spot on 112st Amsterdam ave, In

    Harlem, During the mid 70's, My man/LOL, B-Fats and Donald D, Fixed the spot up, Used the light-pole for power, Then, Set it allnight to the morning lite, My man(Though, Law enforcement found out, About the spot being a place were cats were movin weight and playing music, Allnight, Law Enforcement had to shut the spot down, After a few weeks,

    Now, Ray Chandler used to square, Law Enforcement with money to turn the other way, While the spot at The Burger King was open/LOL, Ray, Would starting a party, On the side of a Hotel(Bristol Hotel off of Parsons Blvd in Jamaica,Queens), With a box, A few young ladies,Who were wit it/LOL, And, A cat with mad tapes, Classify, As being a renagade

    Party, My Man/LOL, Ray, How about cats starting a party, With a few young ladies on the stroll(Between Clients/LOL), On 37thst and 11thave, By the Westside Highway, And, The spot near the Javits center in 1984/85(The Lovelight), Ray, I knew a few New York Transit

    Bus drivers, Who used to go to The Garage, Galaxy 21, Better Days, Etc, During the early 70's to mid 80's, Who used to have parties,At the Bus depot on 145thst and Edgecombe ave in Harlem on a regular basis(Nothing big crowd wise, But, Mad fun Though/LOL).

    Much Respect
    Mike Barnes
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    multiple every single weekend in LA

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    It never died in Detroit... mainly because legal venues are way overpriced (with poor soundsystems) and close too early.
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