HR 1

1. The Bayara Citizens "Mafungo" (Joe's Forrest Dub)Scared Rhythm
2. Wild Magnolias "Battlefield" (Joe Claussel Park side lounge mix) Spiritual Life
3. Toto La Moposina"La Mazcal" (Jose Marquez RX) CDR
4. Amaro "Liva Theme" (Amaro Vitale Mix) Son Liva
5. D-13ch "Stoopid Fine" Mindtravel
6. Bai-ee "The Groove" (LEGO RX) Pootin
7. Jonny Montanna Pres. Stephanie Cooke "I Do not Wanna Lose Your Love" Nervous
8. Shazz "All I Wanna Give" (Osunlade RX) Resolution
9. Jay Dabhi "Circle People" Soltrenz
10. Lera Jones Feat. Asandra 'Izindabeni" CDR
11. Simon Hinter "Snow Blind" Prog City Tracks
12. Bang Bang "Broken" (Sean Smith RX) Lost My Dog

Hr 2
13. Real People "Star" Rocco Rx RP
14. Photon Inc "Generate Power" (Jimpster RX) Strictly Rhythm
15. Funky Soldiers & Robert Owens "Silence" (JoVonn RX) MN2S
16. Brown Billy "House Music Is Not dead" (Jason B RX INST) Smooth Agent
17. Brown Billy "House Music Is Not dead" (Jason B RX VOX) Smooth Agent
18. Steve Rigmaden "Beside You" SEED
19. Frankie Feleciano "Our Savior" Nervous
20. Stacy Kidd "Change" (Sean Smith Edit) Smooth Agent
21. Backroom Congragation "Sunday Mornig" D:Vision
22. Larry Heart "Going UP In Smoke" Genesis Records
23. Bombers "Lets Dance" Promo Only EDIT
24. The Jacksons "Jump For Joy" TSOP