Groove Junkies
“In The Zone”
Album Sampler PT 1
1. “In The Zone” – Prime Time Filth Mix
2. “Far Away” feat. TC Moses
3. “The White Light” feat. Alexander Sky
4. “Inside My Soul” (Re-worked) – feat. Solomon Henderson

The first installment of 2 new samplers from Groove Junkies ‘re-designed’ artist album “In The Zone” offers 4 amazing full length cuts that shows a wide spectrum of GJs artistry and musical evolution. The sampler glides from strength to strength with timeless songs and eclectic grooves that feature a collective of truly gifted vocalists & musicians. GJs ability to move an audience both physically and emotionally is on full display here as Part 1 showcases a few of the gems from the highly anticipated album. Be on the lookout for the ITZ album sampler Part 2 to drop in April which will also feature a crop of new and previously unreleased floor fillers from the full length album.
“In The Zone” (the album) will be released in its entirety both mixed and un-mixed in May 2010. The re-designed album will contain brand new material, as well as standout cuts from the albums original lineup of songs, and a few re-tweaked fan favs from the back catalogue. There will also be various bundled singles from the album that will get remix treatments and be released throughout 2010. ENJOY!!!

Track Order & Description
1. “In The Zone” – GJs delved into new territory when the highly acclaimed original version of the album’s title cut made its debut on the initial album sampler in 2008. “ITZ” has now received a filthy little DJ friendly afro-tech makeover that’s primed & ready to be one of the bullets for your peak-hour sets. Sick!!

2. “Far Away” feat. TC Moses – The title paints a picture of a place that many of us want to escape to when life beats you down. It’s a song that’s filled with emotion and sung with precision by the ‘oh so talented’ TC Moses who also co-wrote the song with Groove Junkies Evan Landes. It also features the keyboard wizardry of Cory Allen who’s a new addition to the MoHo fam. Reminiscent of earlier work from Louie Vega, Blaze and Frankie Feliciano; this one is definitely one for the soulful headz. Be on the lookout for remixes which will be comin’ soon from Richard Earnshaw, Micky More, Yogi & Husky & Neil Pierce.

3. “The White Light” feat. Alexander Sky – One of the common denominators on Part 1 is that it pays homage to the guys featured on the album (don’t worry it’s all about the ladies on Part 2 :-). Alexander Sky whose put his soulful stamp on previous MoHo nuggets, and most recently lent his talent to Andy Caldwell’s latest artist album returns with a vengeance! His vocal styling will remind you of crooners such as Christian Urich from Tortured Soul, Kem, Jay Kay, Robert Smith from The Cure and is even Bono-esque at times, but at the end of the day it is uniquely his own. Brilliantly penned by Sky and produced by Evan, his hauntingly beautiful vocals sit perfectly on top of afro/soca drums, atmospheric pads, and rhythmic synths. “The White Light” may just be the sleeper of the bunch.

4. “Inside My Soul” (Re-worked) – feat. Solomon Henderson – This is the tune that inspired Brian Tappert to distribute MoreHouse back in 2002. It was the first MoHo release from back in the day and has now received a fresh treatment that keeps the integrity of the song intact, but injects a little bit of that classic ‘Philly’ soul into the mix. The new mix features 4 on the floor drums, Chic inspired rhythm guitar along with a very tasty solo courtesy of Romeo Brune’, Brent Riggs on keys, MoHo staple Les King on bass and of course the amazing Solomon Henderson on vocals. This one will always have a special place in our hearts and is the quintessential cherry on top for the package.