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Thread: House music iPhone app mentioned in Crain's

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    House music iPhone app mentioned in Crain's

    Always like seeing references to house music in general market media. In this case, it's a mention on the Crain's Chicago Business new business blog

    Slang Music Group and iLL Concepts: Vince Lawrence, a South Sider who helped to create the dance genre known as house music in the early 1980s, is now bringing those beats to iPhones. Mr. Lawrence's Slang Music Group, a Chicago-based recording and production studio, has a new ringtone app. Users can download it for free and get four house-music ringtones. After that, they can pay $1.99 for additional ringtones. Slang released the app through a new subsidiary, iLL ConceptsLLC, which Mr. Lawrence formed with partners Thomas Beckmann and Jack Eisenberg. Mr. Beckmann says iLL's upcoming products will include a dating game and a social network for studio musicians. As for the company name, he explains, "In slang, 'ill' means cool."
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    Iphone is the shiznic, why would anyone in there right mind think about a damn google phone
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