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Thread: The audience.

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    The audience.

    Hi Again Dennis,
    I wish to know if you're having a special thought for your audience when producing music?

    Do you have a target audience that you would like to see rejoicing to your sounds, or do you build your songs thinking of the dancers and the club, or do you do your thing and see what happens?

    What I mean is: Are your productions an absolute reflection of what YOU want them to be, or is it melted with an hear over your fans and potential listenners which induce rearrangements?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Whenever i make a record...I'm envisioning the one moment that's almost as good as getting paid a crap load of money and that's when.......

    someone puts their head down, nods side to side and that finger points to the sky and they say..."That's my jam right there!!!"

    No other point for me to make a record. Honestly. If it's just a head nodder and your bored..then I am too.

    "you bust your ass to make all the money you can...thinking it solves shit...and then you realize..when and if you get there at got more problems and you missed out on the one thing you can't buy or get back...your life! Spend time with friends and family...You can be broke in other ways too!...."


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