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    Hey Dennis - thanks for doing this, it's absolutely awesome!

    I was listening to Sinfonia Della Notte the other day and noticed there is quite a lot of reverb on the drums and percussion. I struggle with using reverb more than anything else and wondered if you had any tips on what settings to use etc and whether you use different types of reverbs within the same track? Thanks dude.

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    Well...lately I've been into using extremely short reverbs. I think the days of "verbing" out a vocal are kind of long gone. You used to be able to sort of hide a bad performance a bit that way... add a delay on top of the verb and you were done. I personally don't like washing stuff out but sometimes it can be a part of the sound. IE: a clap in which you've gated the verb. The idea is to just add enough verb so that it comes alive a bit...adds a bit of spacing and doesn't get in the way. You don't wash everything in your mix with it. You pick ones that make sense and feel right. The less verb in your mix...the more the mix comes across as "bangin" in the club believe it or not.

    Re: Sinfonia
    Just a tad of short plate on the claps and wood block. Nothing else on the drums. Less was more here. What I did do was eq the reverb though. I thinned it out so it would seem glassy and not prominent. Most of the times people throw up a reverb and don't eq the returns....umm...another hint..yall go and figure it out. LOL!


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