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Thread: what comes 1st bass ,melody or chords

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    what comes 1st bass ,melody or chords

    Hi ,
    for more deep house tracks (inst) than vocals what would you suggest comes 1st bass , melody or chords ?

    thanks for all your help.

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    whichever one you want, really. Sometimes, I have an idea where I start with a bassline. Sometimes I start with a simple melody. Sometimes I start with the chords.
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    Yeah I agree with devant, if you are really stuck I often start with chords to work out what key i want to work in and then lay down bass and melody. Often I will then re do the chords to make them more rhymic or change the voicings. So the track grows organically with each part inspired by the last.
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    Thanks guys

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    most often i start with the beat. i find some samples i like and think they work well together. i programm a basic beat. add some element to make it mor special. if i have something i like a add stabs or chords. after that i lay down the bass. after that i start arragnging and ad a couple more elements.

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    It totaly depends on what you are trying to achieve with the track. what vibe are you looking for

    I would say no rules


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