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    Thank you

    Apologies as I never had a chance to thank everyone on this board for the questions posted and all the support you've given me throughout the years. I think sometimes a lot of artists get their heads up their asses and forget at the end of the day that it's a blessing and a privilege to do what we do for a living. Nothing is a given and music is a whole lot bigger than an individual's ego and status. I share because the knowledge was shared with me... all I do is pass it along. As should you. Now what you do with that knowledge and how you apply it within your skill set attained determines in part where you wind up in our field and NOT the fact that you know it. One producer will not make the same record as another just because he knows how to manipulate a compressor in a different way...that's just asinine!. In the end it takes a village to raise a child. I am a firm believer in this.

    So in closing...write from the heart and if not then learn how to. Learn how to mix a record by looking up how to mix them in other genre's. Take pride in trying to make your genre not be the laughing stock of the music industry(due to the horrible mixes and ghastly songwriting). When you look good...we all look good and to close...

    you can't take any money with can't take the knowledge either...there's only 2 sure things....death and taxes!!

    So share...

    "you bust your ass to make all the money you can...thinking it solves shit...and then you realize..when and if you get there at got more problems and you missed out on the one thing you can't buy or get back...your life! Spend time with friends and family...You can be broke in other ways too!...."

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