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    The Project has seen light in 2009 with a driver version during WMC09, now the full package includes the Original one and two slammin’ remixes by Spiritual Blessings, and remixes by Gaty Lopez, Mark Di Meo and for the first time on GKF Yohan Esprada. The package includes also an interesting and useful Keypella.

    SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS come back on Gotta Keep Faith with a single featuring the warm vocals of JAY RAGS. Last SB project on our label was "Kumasi", in 2008, an afro syncopate project that let feel people dizzy. During this time, the Italian duo worked hard on many remixes on GKF : Dom Navarra & Monique Henry "When you fall", Su Su Bobien "Praise Always", Logicalgroove & Savio Vurchio "You are the one", Grantorino & Sharon "What you won't do", Steve Paradise "Star in the blue", Eternal Sunshine "Beautify me", Raf'n'Soul "Man on the Prowl", Born to Funk "Get funky", MSadler + Arnaud D & MJ White "Sweet Innocence", Duoswing "Metrotendencies", Stephanie Cooke "Old Friend", Uncle James "The Godfather", Keith Thompson & Licksamba "Still feeling you", Eternal Sunshine "Because of you" and last awesome release of Groove Assassin & Tantra Zawadi "Love Seeker". That's not all. At the same time they spread some deep sound also for other labels like UNITED MUSIC (Spiritual Blessings Ft. Lisa Mayers), SOUNDMEN ON WAX (NYC Peech Boys, Barbara Tucker & SuSu Bobien), MIXED MUSIC SIGNALS (Spiritual Blessings, Roy Davis Jr.), KOLONKI (Terry Dexter), DEL (Spiritual Blessings Ft. Lisa Mayers), CABANA (Deep Y'All), SOBRA. A lot of stuffs. Actually their works out besides Groove Assassin & Tantra Zawadi are Lene Riebau "It feels better" on SOFITONE, Steven Stone Feat. Andrea Love "I Just can't stop" on SOULDELUXE RECORDINGS. And many more projects will see the light in 2011.

    JOHN JAY RAGS JOHNSON is from Baltimore loves House Music, spoken word/poetry, and live music in general. He's the founder of, creator/promoter of the Soul Fiesta party, the co-founder of Collective Minds, creator of Studio Sessions & Studio Sessions Live!, a magnet for good people , and promoter of all things underground. is a Balto/DC based website where you could go to see upcoming House, poetry, and open-mic events around Bmore/DC. It also has interviews & pics. Soul Fiesta, and then Soul Fiesta/SpiritualJourney, was a themed underground House Music party in Baltimore. It was to the local House scene what Mos Def, Common, or Talib Kweli is to the HipHop scene. Collective Minds is an organization made up of many of Balto/DC's top House producers, dj's, singers, promoters, and dancers. Studio Sessons is his new House music movement, but Studio Sessions live is his next project to promote live & underground music of many genres (neosoul, jazz, poetry, etc.)
    Visit :

    1. Deep Not Deep (Original Stuff)
    (Produced, edited and mixed by Spiritual Blessings for Spiritual Blessings Prods.)
    2. Deep Not Deep (Gaty Lopez Miami Sunshine Remix)
    (Additional Remix & Productions by Gaty Lopez)
    3. Deep Not Deep (Yohan Esprada Mix)
    (Additional Remix & Productions by Yohan Esprada)
    4. Deep Not Deep (Mark Di Meo Remix)
    (Additional Remix & Productions by Mark Di Meo)
    5. Deep Not Deep (SB Spread Deep House In Italy Mix)
    (Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings)
    6. Deep Not Deep (SB In Italy Spread Deep House WW Mix)
    (Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings)
    7. Deep Not Deep (Keypella)
    (All Keys & Instruments Spiritual Blessings)

    Produced & Arranged by Spiritual Blessings for Spiritual Blessings Productions.
    Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered @ Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
    Vocals by JAY RAGS
    &(P) Gotta Keep Faith Records – 2011 (ASCAP)

    For Licensing or any other inquiries, please contact our Office:

    Available on:


    -MIKE FOSSATI (Spirit Of House) : "Deep not deep" by Spiritual Blessings (aka Jean Paul Francois & Ezio Centanni) first saw the light of the day on "Miami Sampler 2009" by Gotta Keep Faith Records, a former "Pick of the Week" here on Spirit of House. The track features soulful vocals by Jay Rags, exquisite keys and lovely guitar over a laidback funk drenched backdrop. The package includes a summery remix from Gaty Lopez and deeper takes by Mark Di Meo, Yohan Esprada and Spiritual Blessings themselves.
    -RICHARD EARNSHAW: The Yohan Esprada mix is cool. Will keep the package handy!!
    -[b]ALAN O (Multi Storey Soul radio show, RTE Pulse, Dublin, Ireland): Another hot package from GKF, wicked vocal on this, all mixes have something to offer, will support..
    -VINCENT DEEPER (Paris One Deeper Radio) : Excellent EP !! My fav is Yoahn Esprada Mix. Full support from Paris One Deeper and me.
    -ALEX DIMITRI: Nice ep, the SB spread deep house in Italy is my favourite
    -JASON PEPPERELL : I like the Gaty Lopez mix. Will support that
    -ANTHONY ANGELL (Stereo Sushi) : going to be supporting the Yohan Esprada mix
    -FRANCO MARTINELLI ( : Nice to see Spiritual Blessings back on Gotta Keep Faith Records with another great deep-house release featuring Baltimore artist John "Jay Rags" Johnson on vocals."Deep not deep" is a smooth and infectious deep-house nugget with great keys, jazzy guitar and the superb spoken words vocals by Jay Rags. The full package includes beside the Original mix, 2 slamming and dancefloor friendly remixes by Spiritual Blessings as well as hot reworks from Gaty Lopez who delivers an intense "Miami Sunshine remix", Yohan Esprada who serves an hot groovy rework and Mark Di Meo. A cool and useful "Keypella" mix is also includes in the package.
    -LEWIS FERRIER: Nice package. Mark Di Meo Remix is my pic
    -DJ SAINT SEBASTIAN (Soulmates-Stockholm) : quite like the Yohan Esprada Mix. I like the lyrics!'
    -GREG FENTON: liked the SB mixes - nice production
    -DJ REPLEE: I like the release. my fav tracks is SB and Yohan mix. full support
    -BEPPE GIOIA : very nice package! “SB In Italy Spread Deep House WW Mix” 1 of my favourites!
    -JONNY MONTANA & CRAIG STEWART: Superb for the dance floor – Yohan remix is our fave
    -STEPHAN HOELLERMAN (Motivic Rec.) : Love the original and the lopez version! Great hook.
    But the SB spread Deep House Version is my current favourite.
    -SIMON BOI: The original mix did the business for us over the festive period. Keep em coming!!!
    -RANDY BRUSSETO : I'll play and support SB Spread Deep House In Italy Mix. very dynamic tune, for the dancefloor, perfect for my sets of the moment. Nice reuse of the vocal, and strong effects !
    -NEIL HODGSON: SB Spread Deep House In Italy Mix is definitely my favorite..
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