[LARD031] Soulight - Confessions EP [Look Ahead Records]

Look Ahead Records presents Soulight - a project belonging to the duo of producers Marcelo Mato and Nicolas Borromeo. The two musicians coming from Argentina started producing music together over 3 years ago. They had a lot of experience in this field: Marcelo had been DJing for over 8 years at the best clubs and festivals in Buenos Aires (Creamfields, S.A.M.C, Pacha, Bahrein) and traveling all over the country, whereas Nicolas had performed music as a guitarist and keyboard player for several bands at various concerts, focusing on such genres as Jazz, Funk, Dub, Reggae and Rock. This let them function as partners with regard to music production. In 2010, they decided to join forces as producers and under the name of Soulight managed to release their first EP "Lush" on Unrivaled Music. This followed "The Chaser" - another release that came out on Soul Industries with a remix from the excellent Demarco Electronic Project, which caught attention of most great producers in the house scene and got support from the likes of Krummstoff, Mr Jones, The Messengers, Soul Minority, Fabien Kamb, Christos Fourkis, Onur Ozman and Addex, just to name a few. Here, on Look Ahead Records, they would like to show their brand-new release "Confessions EP" with two tracks included "So Good", and "Confessions". The release is now available on beatport.com https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...nfessions%20EP.