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This Child is Wild / Peanuts Remixes
Tronicsole (Tsole088)

Tronicsole returns from it's summer hiatus with a brand spanking new track from HiRO backed with the two winners of our Tronicsole remix competition.

HiRO returns with a taster of his slew of new material that he has been slaving away with over the last 6 months. It's hard to describeThis Child is Wild other than, eh, good.

We were inundated with entries for our remix competition and the quality was so high we ended up picking two winners who co incidentally both hail from Spain. Sauco goes for a dancefloor orientated update with old skool flavours whilst Marcos in Dub rock's a Johnny Desque groove with some surprises along the way.

Lovebirds, 4/5, peanuts sounds real nice!
Giom, 4/5, The Marcos in Dub mix is KILLER! Love it.
Chris Duckenfield, 4/5, A side is a solid sample houser like they used to do, Suaco Remix prob my fave
Sei A, 4/5, Liking The Child Is Wild, top Hiro beats
Milton Jackson, 5/5, Child is Wild: Dope Beats brilliant stuff from Hiro
Luke Solomon, 4/5, I like this...really cool
Soul Minority, 4/5, The Child is wild is awesome, wicked production
Luciano, 4/5, Thanks for the music
Andy Ash, 4/5, This Child is Wild is quality. Really like the groove and the bass is awesome!
Rob Mello, 4/5, Nice mixes
Jesus Gonsev, 4/5, Nice release!!!!Like all the tracks!!
Matt Masters (Freerange), 4/5, Top quality stuff from Hiro as usual.
Raymundo Rodriguez, 4/5, Nice vibes, i will try all of these.
Groove Assassin, 5/5, Deep n chunky ! Peanut roks it out ! Full support
Orde Meikle (Slam), 4/5, Nice EP - will play
Dominic Martin, 5/5, Really liking the Wild Child, brilliant.
Al Velilla (OM Records), 4/5, Marquitos did a killer job
Triumph (Espai Music), 4/5, The Child is Wild is great!! Will play
Maurice Aymard (Galaktika), 4/5, The child is mine is the one for me.
Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque), 4/5, cool release, like it
Nacho Marco, 4/5, nIce one, will be playing it.
Harri (Sub Club), 4/5, peanuts marcos for me
Joshua, 4/5, Marcos In Dub remix is the one for me. Thanks!
Nick Holder, 4/5, Feelin' the grooves! Marcus in Dub Bootybeat Remix is fresh!
Ali Herron (OOFT!), 4/5, This Child Is Wild is, eh, wild! Diggin the dropping toms big style.
Dj Sneak, 4/5, nice stuff.
Mark Farina, 4/5, Some nice spanish dubs!
Dj Meri, 5/5, 10 Stars to This Child is Wild!
Mr Mike , 4/5, feeling the beats here. nice work.
Murray Richardson, 5/5, This child is wild rocks - loving it - 10 / 10!!!
Onionz, 4/5, nice!
Funky transport, 4/5, Marcos In Dub mix very cool indeed!
Satoshi Fumi, 5/5, all mix are great!
Dj Meri, 5/5, 10 Stars to This Child is Wild!
Arnaud Le Texier 4/5, This child is wild for me!
Charles Webster, 4/5, orig mix 4 me....bootybeat mix is also cool tho
Gareth Sommerville, 5/5, Marcos in Dub remix - werk, werk, werk!
Tony Rodriguez, 4/5, Good trax, Dub is fav!
Chris Harris, 4/5, Crackin EP and both remixes are top drawer